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Guys i need some help. I had a Spinal tap done 3 weeks ago, and i am dealing with radiating pain to my left leg, front and back, and to my groin, i also have sacral back pain. I am very concerned, has anyone tried this, and how long did it take to go away?? i am so worried it is permanent.
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I only had the headache - please call your doctor ASAP. That is not a typical reaction. It's possible they hit a nerve, but you should really be seen.
I already did an MRI. everything was clear. i am so angry!!!
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I had some pretty serious neuropathic pain in my leg post-LP .. neuro said it wasn't related, but it took months to go away.  Medication helped me cope until it finally disappeared.

I have also had sacral and radiating pain as you describe as part of ms.

Definitely call your neuro and/or doctor.  Whether or not it's due to the LP or not, physiotherapy and acupuncture was what helped me in the end.  It wasn't a quick fix .. but take heart because it may not be permanent.
I hate when doctors say its not related, when it is!!! i have never had this before. they were ruling me out for some burning feet. and after the tap i barely walked. Okay, you are giving me hope. you are 100 % sure it was the LP that did it to your leg right?? what were your symptoms?? i feel a big pressure like feeling, and it hurts when i do specific things. And did you have problems with the groin too? sorry for all the questions, i am just really worried. I had an MRI, but did no show anything.
my knees especially hurts! feels like a knife!! my left is worse than the right.
It shouldn't affect your knee and no, I'm not at all 100% certain it had anything to do with the LP.  It may have just been coincidental timing, and just a random neuropathic thing.

Neuropathic pain can have many causes, so you don't have to worry about ms.

If it is nerve pain, there are a variety of medications that will ease it.  Talk to you gp :).
it does, it affects every area of my leg. hurts so bad :( gosh i did not expect this to happen. im so sad. but yes i will.  
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I am probably going to have to get an LP. I'm even more freaked out after reading your posts above. Currently no symptoms other than fatigue, constipation, brain fog, and blurred vision when I only eat carbs... so I'll be pissed off if I get some freaking physical condition based on one of these docs tests!
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Hi. See my response to your other post.

I think you need to stop catastrophizing. An LP may not even be ordered/necessary. And even if it is (which happens less and less often), only 1 in 7 gets complications such as headache. Probably many fewer if done by a competent doc who uses flouroscopy. Many years ago I had an LP, waited the requisite amount of time, got up, drove home and resumed my life.

One in 7 may sound like a lot, but that also means for 6 in 7 it's a non-event. Don't borrow trouble.
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