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Scientist may have Found Multiple Sclerosis CURE!

Something to look forward to for victims of multiple sclerosis with health researchers in the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal successfully undone multiple sclerosis on rodents serving as test subjects. This finding of their exploration is adequate to fuel the faith of people sick with multiple sclerosis.

The fascinating thing about this discovery is that it is found by chance as medical researchers were investigating cancer treatments. The treatment not only stopped the disease on its tracks but also reversed the disease. After this discovery though, the treatment would be tested if safe for humans and the scrub tops wearing researchers think that it would take about two years before it can be deemed ready for humans.

Dr. Jacques Galipeau who leads the team of researchers explained the treatment saying: If I take blood cells from your blood stream... I can purify white cells, which normally fight off infection, put them in a Petri dish, and we sprinkle this synthetic protein on it, and it has a Jekyll-and-Hyde effect.

Essentially, that blocks immune reaction thus preventing brain damage. Which is always good.

SOURCE: http://www.nugget.ca/Community/NewsDisplay.aspx?c=24335
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I had a discussion with a highly regarded MS neuro about the pace in which researchers are working.  Many great discoveries are being made.  Often cures or treatments are stumbled upon while researching other diseases than the researcher intended.  

One of the stumbling blocks is there is no great repository of information that can be utilized by everyone.  No one person or computer can keep up with it all.  This neuro was saying the rapid speed in which discoveries are made are mind boggling.  He said he can hardly keep up with his numerous medical journals.  He gives it his best though.  

He did say however, that cancer research was most likely to bring breakthroughs in MS.  I think he is correct in his professional opinion.    Not only in MS but for other diseases that are considered auto immune.  

I believe most of us will see a medication that halts the progression of MS in our lifetime.  Repairing myelin is a different story.  Of course, new discoveries in how/why MS does the damage it does is being reevaluated.  It may be that a lot of what we thought about MS is wrong..............................
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Well hopefully from this "cure" for people with early MS might eventually help them find a cure for people that have had it for years.

Please watch this video Lulu http://montreal.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20090812/mtl_090812/20090812/?hub=MontrealHome

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Hi Sammy,
At the risk of also sounding negative, i think this is overly ambitious to say that a cure may be two years away - it takes much longer than that to navigate the drug approval system.  I believe this is the research that we have talked about in several other posts here - the sticking point is the *cure* is only effective for very early stage MS - which is a point all of us seem to be past by the time we get a dx for MS.  

This is encouraging though that they continue to search and find new clues to this MiSerable disease. Thanks for sharing.

be well,
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I really think the cure is around the corner! Like they said, could be like two years before it will be ready for humans.

It will happen, don't be so negitive :)

Sammy xxxx
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Here is a book my MS Specialist had me read.  CURING MS BY HOWARD L. WEINER
it goes through the history of MS research.  It is complex but it makes all these new discoveries a bit easier to understand. The research is developing but it takes a long time.

For example these rodents do not have MS. So its not a slam dunk from rodent to human.

"MS appears to be a uniquely human condition and no
other animal spontaneously develops a disease identical
to MS. Furthermore, it must be recognised that immunisation
of mammals, including humans, with CNS proteins
does not induce MS, but acute disseminated

Always have hope,

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