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ShadowSister and sleep..

Hi Shadow:), I was reading your mood(from last night) and noticed the sleep issue. Anyone and everyone please feel free to add your stories. Tell me about your sleep and the problems if you wouldnt mind. I can never sleep. I am drenched in sweat. I avoid it. If I knew you were online last night I would have turned my system on. I try to avoid taking anything that would bring about sleep but sometimes I am like why. Actually (with the exception of my right leg-which is not noticeable because I am a good liar) I feel really good.  I loathe feeling like I took a shower when I get up to go to the bathroom in the evening. I always feel awake. If you wouldnt mind I would love to know what is going on with you and anyone else who has encountered this or is currently dealing with this. Best to all.....

PS Regardless of what I do in brutalizing my body I cant sleep. I workout like a madman and do numerous things around here as far as ranch work. It stinks and I want sleep....
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I have horrible insomnia.  I take trazadone and alternate it with ambien.  I still yawn and drag all day. Doesn't matter if I sleep 10 hours or 3 - Not sure if it is a fatigue problem or just a sleep problem. I can, however, feel your pain. Not being able to sleep is like a slow horrible torture!
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Yeah that is the problem, I could get some sleep if I took my meds for that, but as you stated about the yawning and dragging and such. You are darned if you do and darned if you dont. Do you have any sweats at night? I am so sick of that. It matters not how cool the house is. I feel for you as well. Have a great one...jason
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yes, count me in. have had this for years. with the really bad fatigue one would think you could just lay down and sleep. not the case with me. i toss and turn, get up, try again, get too hot, turn on the a/c/ get too cold, back up. then the ringing in the ears. i have to have a few fans on to drown that out. even during spells without bad fatigue good sleep has been elusive for me.

i cat nap a lot, and have the sweats during those. very uncomfortable because i cannot get comfortable.

when i'm feeling like i'm feeling better, i work out too. usually swimming will put me in good sleep spirits, but not always. back when i could run, i would try that. it wore me out, but didn't help with deep sleep.

back in those days, reflux would wake me up due to i thought i was choking to death.

my local neuro has mentioned giving me a sleep aid and i welcome it. he wants some new tests to get over with first. i have some other med i will take to help sleep. but it only helps for a few hours. better than nothing. but there is a tradeoff with those, so i don't like taking them, but i do take them sometimes.

some nights are better than others for sure. for me it's a false sense of security when i'm having good days because i know it won't last. that is one of the more frustrating things about my life with this "whatever i have", is that i don't plan things because i never know how i will feel consistently.

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Hey Jason,

I still have sleep issues even though i'm in bed a lot, at night i still find it hard to get into that comfortable enough state, all my twitches, spasms and buzzes being more noticable when i'm tired and not able to distract myself from them. I'm usually still awake around 2am and the alarm goes off at 6am, if i'm having an episode though i can sleep the days and nights away and still feel tired, i'm just now getting out of a big one and i'm going back to not sleeping much.

I had a look at some of the articles about excessive night sweating, it could be a lot of things, one cause which could be related to you would be the medication you take for the MS. I did find another that mentioned lesions brain and spine areas caused from a stroke, which could also be related concidering MS causes lesions too. It's not something you should keep to your self though, bring it up with your dr or MS nurse if you've got one, there could be an easy-ish solution to the problem.

BTW, my dh (ex) had excessive night sweats the cause for him was the medications he was taking, switched it and they went away. I dont think you should think its just another thing you have to deal with, especially if you dont have too.

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I also have a problem with sleep if I get 5-6 hrs that is a good night, but it is always interrupted with pain or having to go to the bathroom which then leaves me wide awake.
I to have the night sweats which also disturbs my sleep. My neuro has suggested sleep
aide but I am not big on taking meds unless necessary. I do alot of exercising during the day, alot of stretching. For now I just try and do my best with the amount of sleep I do get.

Here's to a restful night!
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