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Sharp jolts on top of foot

Hi friends,

I had a new and unpleasant experience yesterday with my left foot. During the day I was getting these sharp jolts of pain lasting 2-3 seconds but spread out by hours. I just brushed it off as painfully annoying.

By last night, the pain was coming every 5-10 minutes for HOURS followed by burning and the sensation that my foot was wet. I tried 2 Aleve (naproxyn), which did nothing. Then took a Gabapentin about 2 hours later.

It took about another hour, but the jolts stopped and I was juat left with the burning/wet foot sensation. I finally fell aslee around 3am :(

Is this likely from MS? Or should I see a GP? Or just brush it off as one of those nights? Today it's just the burning, but much less severe and moving up the leg.

Thanks for your thoughts. I realize we are all just patients here, so just looking for your opinions on how to handle these weird spells.

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  I get those sharp pains in the top of my left foot at times when I am over doing it or I have been out in the heat for a while. Therefore I would suspect it is MS in my case.
  Since the Aleve did nothing and the Gabapentin seemed to help I would suspect it is also MS in your case as well. Also burning/wet sensations have been reported by many here with MS.

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Thanks, Dennis. I was taken aback by how painful it was. Sleep was not possible and I actually would jump and gasp. Ick.

So far no jolts today, thank goodness. I appreciate your input.

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You have to stay ahead of the pain so I would take Gabenpentin on a regular schedule set up by your doctor. It does not work as well if you take it after you have pain. I had Jury duty yesterday and did not take pain medication. By three I was dying. I hurt so bad. It took over night to feel okay.
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Hugs Cheryl....painful zaps, burning, wet spot are typical nerve signs so it's likely MS related but since this is a first time experience, you probably should see your neruro and or GP because as we have all learnt it's not always MS and if it is MS being 'new' it's likely a relapse....

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Thanks all. So only 1 or 2 jolts today. My foot still feels a little swollen/burning/wet, but much better than yesterday. If it returns again soon, I will call my neuro or see a GP..
hmmm "swollen" there's not suppose to be a physical swelling with MS nerve related issues, are you sure this couldn't be something vascular ie DVT or a blood clot etc does that leg/foot actually feel a hotter or colder temperature to the touch than the unaffected one too?
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Hi JJ - I have a weird swollen sensation but there is no physical swelling. It's strange and does seem much better today. I'm just watching it to make sure it doesn't spread up or get worse. So far, so good!

I know what you mean.....I've had a persistent sensation of swelling in my hands for years but they're not swollen. It's neuropathic.
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I know this thread is kind of old but I just had to respond.......I am a 42 y/o F who was DX with Sjogren's Syndrome in April of this year. This autoimmune journey is new to me and I know that it can be a long & confusing journey.

But when I read the header of your question it caught my eye. I have been having tingling/burning in my right toes only......and what I call "needle-like" sticks all over the tops & sides of my right foot. Never on the heel or the sole.....just on the top of my foot.

I only went 4.5 months with symptoms of Sjogren's before I got a DX ( lucky, I know) so I am still very new at all this autoimmune stuff. I mentioned the "needle-like" sticks on my foot and my rheumy mentioned Peripheral Neuropathy from the Sjogren's but nothing ever came of it.

The tingling/burning in my right toes gets so bad and lasts so long that it hurts and the needle-like sticks on the top of my feet doesn't happen everyday. But when it does happen the sticks hurt!!

I see my rheumy again on 7/18......should I bring these issues up again & have him investigate them or just shrug them off as symptoms of Sjogren's?
BTW.....I am not currently on anything for pain/fatigue for Sjogren's. I tried Plaquenil 3 times and just can't take it. I am only on Evoxac (saliva stimulator).

Sorry this got so long......I am just trying to learn/figure things out before my next appointment.


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I would definitely mention this to your rheumatologist. If it is PN, there are meds they can give you to help. I've had the stabbing needles before, too. That can hurt so bad it makes me yelp!!
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Thanks so much for your reply. I worry about MS and TBH probably too much since being DX with Pars Planitis last year. And then getting DX with Sjogren's this past April......I am wondering who has made the voodoo doll of me and wishing they would quit sticking it with the pins. lol

I have a list going of things to address at my next appointment.....I'll add this to it!
Thanks so much again!!

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The voodoo doll comment made me laugh!!! So true!

Best of luck to you. I hope you get some relief.
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Thanks so much!!!

Wishing you all the best!!
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