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Started day okay and went downhill from there

Woke up this morning fine.
Dropped off my son at pre school, went to YMCA to do my MS water aerobics class.
I noticed in my class that I was way off balance.
I have been using forearm crutches for the last few weeks.

I tried to go to kohls for Christmas presents.  I walked in and was really struggling.
My body seemed to get increasingly weaker and weaker as the day progressed.

My hand keeps going numb with pins and needles also.  Overwehlming fatigue.
I haven't had this kind of fatigue since right before my last flare up in October.

Does this sound like a flare up to anyone?  And if so, can I have another flare up so soon after the last one?
It would be my third flare in seven months.

Tonight is my 8th night taking copaxone.

Any advice would be great.  In October they gave me steroids and I didn't like them very much.

Thanks.  It will really suck if I am flaring up right before Christmas.  This MS is really starting to bug me.  LOL!

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I too feel worn down quickly, I think I have too much on my plate this year and my body just won't move on days.  I've been having Vertigo spells more recently again and they really tire you out.  

We have to take it easy, (Yes, that's what I tell myself), this year I'm having my family for xmas dinner, 14 people so far.  My hubby will help out alot and once the family is here, I'm sure they will too.

take care
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The pre-school routein and drop-off pick-up wears me out.  Packing the 1 yr old with me is torture.  I just keep telling myself that it is only 9 months until he is in school and onthe bus with his brother!  Hang in there.  I don't have mobility problems like you, but the Ms fatigue and children don't mix well.
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Thanks.  I think all of the holiday stuff is catching up.
I don't do much but it is a lot now.  

I can't believe that last year at this time I was working full time, taking care of everything and fine.

This year I can't even shop for gifts or work at all.

I think I am just still trying to accept my disease.

Thanks again.
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I was told that if the symptoms last longer than 24 hours, it may well be a new flare up.  My symptoms do what you are describing too- but usually it's due to overexertion.  I just take it easy for a few days, then things generally start to feel better.  Watch the fatigue though.  In October I had a flare up too, and it began with me having to sleep  (as if I was drugged) for most of several days. I didn't care for the steroids either, but I do think they helped.

I hope you can just rest, and feel better soon.
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