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Tingling & buzzing

Hi everyone,

I've been reading this forum for quite some time and first have to remark how nice and supportive you all are.

I've had strange symptoms come and go over the last 14 months.

In my right knee, I felt like I had a twitch.  The sensation was similar to a twitch around the eye.  However, I could not see any muscle movement to suggest it was a twitch, so perhaps it was a sensory nerve giving me that issue.  This usually lasts several (3 or more weeks).  The strange thing about it is that if I touch the area with my fingers, the twitching feeling will stop.  Also, after a night of rest, the twitching isnt present in the morning...so, perhpas this is just a symptom of muscle fatigue?

I also feel a buzzing like feeling in my left foot and now my leg.  This feeling will change depending on whether I'm lying down, standing or sitting.  My foot sensation will also stop if I press and massage the area.

I am much more inclined to believe there is nothing too sinister going on, especially since I can exercise and play hockey fine.  I also don't feel like I have any issues with my gait.  Sometimes my balance when walking and running could be better, but I've never fallen and could just be exhausted.  I think my issues could be due to muscle tension in my legs, but since this has been on and off over the last 14 months, I'd be lying if I didn't say there wasn't a tinge of worry.

Should MS be off my mind completely?  I have a history of health anxiety, which I've worked with a therapist on.  My issue is dealing with unknown circumstances and outcomes, the anxiety likes to take hold.  With health problems I jump from A to Z, without considering all possible diagnoses between B to Y.

Thank you for your time and care.

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I forgot to also include that I've been having warm/hot sensations these last 3 weeks as well.  At first it was just in my left butt cheek, then down my leg and then both of my feet.

I realize it moving around is not consistent with MS, but it is super noticeable when it happens.  I actually had to check if my seat warmer was on in my car once...it wasn't :(
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There is something called benign fasciculation syndrome. It might be something like that. As far as MS the simplest thing to do is go to your Primary Care Doctor and ask for a neurological exam. That is reflexes, etc. If it is abnormal they can send you to a neurologist. If it is normal its not neurological. My PCP found my MS doing a neurological exam. They are actually more accurate than a MRI is. A doctor can tell exactly where you have neurological damage.
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Hi and Andrew and welcome,

I truly don't believe you should even be thinking about neurological conditions like MS, but as you've already been reading about MS, now posting your story in an MS forum and reaching out for some reassurances........you've 'possibly' not yet connecting that your health anxiety is active and the potential that you've already been in or heading towards a health anxiety cycle for some time.  

It's possible that these sensations relate to any mental health medications you might be taking, because many can cause these types of side effects, more so when they are central nervous system delivered. It's also possible that it relates to an inadequate diet for your physical activities eg vitamin B12 deficientcy etc but from what you've described, to me it actually sounds more like it 'could be' something like sciatica, as it changes it pattern depending on if your laying, sitting etc, sensation in one buttock and travelling down your legs etc

I would suggest you make an appointment with your GP to discuss these sensations and probably get a basic check up, i truly don't expect it to be any thing serious but it would additionally be in your best interest to be more proactive with your health anxiety, I'd recommend you arrange to see your therapist and discuss your current health anxiety behaviours and refresh your counter measure tool kit..


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