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I've been experiencing a strange tingling in my fingers and also sharp, random pain in my arms..

Does this sound like MS?

I went to webmd and used the sympom checker on the tingling in the fingers and it gave me a huge list...
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Hello it could be many things. First of all I would start with your PCP or GP. They would hopefully know what to do next. Good luck.

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I also have this tingling,it burns with pain,even around my finers,that feeling in your arms i have it,feels like deep tendons being pulled real tight,painful,sometimes realy sharp,along with many other SX,I have no DX so I'm also not sure,sorry I couldnt be more help.. feel better soon xxx mommies4
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I also have this, but also have tingling in my hands and many other places.
The pains i get go down my arms to my fingertips, and its weird...like they are sharp pains but they stay? It doesnt appear to follow the typical nerve pattern that the drs look for, so im not sure he believes me. I do have other health problems, most undiagnosed and put down to stress only i know they arent there through stress...i am stressed because the symptoms are tthere. What i am diagnosed with, hypoparathyroidism, has been ruled out as a cause of this arm pain, whic i should've said is in both arms. Something else, and i do have many sensory problems, paraesthesia/burning/chill sensations, but i have had a strange altered sensation in my left shoulder blade for years. Drs didnt know why and as usual, nothing they can see so not bothered. I started gettign tingles there and feeling of water dripping down my back (one of my weird things) last summer, then about a month ago i woke one saturday with full blown pins and needles int he shoulder blade. It was constant for a week, though meds helped but the gp said he wouldnt refer me til id had it much longer! Anyway, i wonder if it's something that could be related, only im guessing if so, then i'd have it both sides?
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