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What is there available for me that will help me from spilling my coffee?

My husband brings me my coffee every morning which I can't do any more because I have secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis. It seems that lately I've had trouble getting it off my coaster to take a sip of it. This angers my husband as it would me. Surely their should be a coaster that would help me (and my husband) take control of that situation. I looked on line & couldn't find anything that would fill my need. I feel quite helpless because I have such a wonderful husband, but can't even control my spilling incidents. If you could help me find something. It would mean so much to us.

Thank you so much,
Carla Andrick
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Hi and welcome to our little MS community,

There are various reasons I can think of, as to why getting the cup off and back on the coaster is an issue and causing spills........changing the cup it's self should help eg sealed lid, straw or sippy, no spill auto sealed for drops, wide bottom for stability, lighter vessel for muscle weakness, heavier vessel to lessen tremor, double handle, no handle etc but don't forget that even the action of aiming for the coaster, could be causing it to be bigger problem for you.

It might be helpful to replace any small solid surface coasters with a furniture protective target, that is large and absorbent to lessen the mess the spills make. There are absorbent coasters of every description available, they are often normal size though, so look at any alternate but larger sized absorbent products too eg bar mats, place mats, pet products etc

This is a link that shows some different products but there are a lot of adult friendly travel cups available from general department and adventure type shops that might be more to your liking and worth looking into.


I've tried a lot of different products because i tremor, spill and throw things :D my hand jerks when ever it chooses lol, some have seemed like a good solution but it's not always worked as first thought, so try to take into account any other issue you have.

I have problems using the straw type sippy's, the action of suc_king liquids up the tube is more difficult and if it's free flow, choking then becomes a problem. I've found the travel mugs, that have a 'twist' on lid, lock and slide sip opening, silicone grip surface, and not narrower at the base work better for me because they've got to be able to bounce and not spill when i knock it over......again lol

Food for thought...........JJ


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Travel mugs work well for me most of the time.  I've also learned that salads can be eaten with the fingers, as long as you have a good supply of napkins within easy reach.  Don't try it with pudding, though.
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I sometimes use the coffee mugs the ladies have already mentioned, particularly at work, but I also have a really big coffee cup with a bigger than normal handle and only half fill it.  
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And so are the insulated coffee 'containers' (not cups or mugs) that people carry around and I think are made for use in cars. I have one that someone gave me that has a small slide-open gizmo in the top. Keeps coffee hot too.

When my hands are really shaky I have all kinds of trouble with eating. Soup can be a real hazard, even salad. Sometimes I have to use both hands to get food successfully to my mouth, other times no probs.

There are meds for this---propanolol comes to mind. This is really something to discuss with your neuro.

And I agree that anger is not an appropriate response to your spillage. It's not as if you're doing it on purpose! It'd be great if just one time those critical could experience the shakes, especially when eating in public. That'd show 'em!


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Sippy cups for children are great.

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Your email address has been censored for your security. This is a public forum, so anyone can see what's written here.

When I was in hospital for an MS relapse (I was also having horrible headaches from the lumbar puncture), I was given strong coffee in a cup rather like small children use when they are transitioning from a bottle to regular cups. These do not spill if dropped on their sides and also have an integrated straw to help control the flow of liquid into to the mouth.

Over here in the English-speaking parts of Europe, these are oftentimes referred to as sippy-cups. I found a link to a version the Thermos brand makes for hot liquids. http://www.thermos.com/product_catalog.aspx?CatCode=MUGS

These (or something similar) should be easy enough to find in various outlets as it's vital for people who drive long commutes to and from work to have coffee cups that won't spill molten coffee on themselves. They not only should keep the liquid inside the cups, but they often have handles that are much easier to grip than a traditional ceramic mug.

One last unsolicited observation - you spilling coffee should not anger your husband. Frustrate, perhaps. We're all human. But there is no call for anger in that situation.

I hope you find this, and that it helps.
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