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What was the symptoms of your first Attack with rrms ?

Hello all, just wondering what was the symptoms of your first rrms attack? And how long did it last? I've been having some ms related symptoms for the past month and things are getting better. I don't have a diagnosis. Please reply back. thank you and God bless.
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Hi. My first ms symptom was numbness in both feet, that over a period of 3-4days moved north up to my belly button! I had no idea what was going on. Over a period of 1-2 months the numbness receded to my ankles. That was 20 yrs ago. I still have that numbness along with new stuff

Good luck, Nicky
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Have you seen a neurologist yet? If not, talk to your dr and see if they think it is warranted. I am still seeking a diagnosis also.  I believe I may have experienced an attack starting in February that is now in remission. There is evidence of demyelination in my case but not enough evidence to justify MS diagnosis. I know how frustrating it is. I have had MRIs, NCV test, LP, and neuro exam. All showed indications of demyelination except LP which was normal.  I understand an MS diagnosis can sometimes take months or years. Hoping you are recovering and do not have MS.
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I'll just echo JJ's observations about MS not manifesting as you describe.

I usually don't answer this question when people ask because coming from my mouth it's just a random anecdote that will give you precisely zero information about your own current symptoms and circumstance. That's not to say I don't understand the urge to ask though.

Just an observation - if nothing is showing up in your testing and a physician offers symptomatic treatment for things like depression or anxiety... that is NOT them saying that you're crazy! It's more like "we're not finding organic causation yet, so the scientific approach is to see if these other avenues bring some relief." It's generally a professional approach, without judgement.
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Hi and welcome,

It's not usually as informative as you might think to ask about other peoples first MS attacks, MS is a very complicated condition and isn't necessarily recognised as being MS straight away but the most commonly recognised issue prior to diagnosis would actually be visual eg Optic neuritis. I gather from your posts that you're basically wondering if what you've been experiencing 'could be' a neurological condition like MS.....

"about a month ago I woke up with a stiff lower back. Since then I been having random pains , it's so hard to explain. Most pains are dull and it could be in my leg, shins, ankles ,feet. I remember one night my feet was burning so bad. Sometimes it's a tingling sensation. Lately theres been pain in the upper extremities, most pains come and go . It last for a second that goes somewheres else. I still have the stiff back I can feel it when I bend, I've also been waking up stiff, could this be fibro? Did anyone else start like this,? I havnt been diagnosed I seen 5 docs since this all started and they think I'm crazy. Please let me know as this is nerve wrecking ."

......but MS isn't known to present as you've described, MS doesn't spread to so many different locations, lasting seconds, moving around and over such a very short time frame, imho MS definitely wouldn't be on your list of most likely causes. Unfortunately i'm not sure what it could be if the doctors are not coming up with anything abnormal, it's possibly related to sleep and or weight but that's a guess sorry.  

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