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Where have I been?

Hello to everyone.  There are so many of you who I have not yet met and all our longer members who I have fallen out of touch with over the past few months.  It feels like I can finally surface for a big breath of fresh air after a crazy year-plus of working on this patient centered project - iConquerMS.  if you want to know more about it, the link is https://www.iconquerms.org.  

It has been a rewarding experience to spend time with a wide range of professionals who are all dedicated to the same outcome - finding a cure for MS.  I am happy to answer any questions you might have about this project - it is really exciting and you can expect to see a lot more about it all over online and in print. This coming week is the national launch, and we are endorsed and supported by every major MS organization in the US, including NMSS, MSF, MSAA, and CanDoMS.

Bottom line - I hope to now have a bit more time again to spend here, and reconnect with this great community.  Whether we are newly diagnosed or have lived with MS for a long time, we are all looking for answers and have so much to share.  , See you around.  be well, Laura
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Hiya Lulu :-)
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I didn't say i would make it every day but I hope to be here a few times a week to poke around.  Thanks for all the kind words.
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Glad you are back

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Your are our JR. Mama Bear  here..   Your cubs are never to far away  from your thoughts..

Take Care
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Hi there! You may have been gone a few months, but I was gone a few years! Welcome back! So glad to see you are still so active in all the MS things you did before and even more now I presume!

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I don't post a lot but do come here daily to see how you are all doing. I wondered where you had went. Missed you
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Hey there. I signed up for this new site several months ago. Very worthwhile. I urge others to do the same. Between there and here there is a lot of good info.

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We've missed you!  You've been working hard but glad you are back with us.

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Hi there! Glad to see you back and congratulations on thank you for the work you have been doing!

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Woohoo! And first of all THANK YOU. Thank you for the work you've done and continue to do. It's of such value.

Just headed over there now to have a poke around. Very exciting to see the support and endorsement from these major organisations. One of the most discouraging things being online is seeing the false information that is so prevalent, especially in the area of health concerns. Hopefully having these voices of reason on board will quash that a bit!
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Glad to have you back
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