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organizing medications

Aone here have problems with their meds and keeping them straight?

I was doing okay for a long time,  I use a plastic organizer.  This last time it was nuts.  It took me two hrs just to get it right along with calling the pharmacy.

All week I would take out my morning, mid day & evening pills and some would be wrong...I have no idea how that happened.  Very strange!  Today I am doing my organizer again. So I wish ther we will see what happens.

I wish I had a better pill organizer, there is never a perfect one..lol

hugs, meg
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I've known myself to make some mistakes and my mother caught me in one or two when I used to fill her organizers.  Here's what I've found helps.

I keep a word document on the computer of the meds I take, dosage and at what time(s) of day.  Whenever there is a change or addition to the list it is easy to make it clearly on my paper plan.  I've let my husband know where to find this list in case a doctor or caregiver needs the information someday.  I hope I never have to trust the hubby to fill the organizer :(

I fill for 2-3 weeks at a time unless I have an appointment coming up where changes might happen.  I hate going back and pulling meds out!  I can sit at the computer and consult my list or print in out and keep it with my basket of orange bottles.

*I line up the bottles trying to group ones together that contain meds taken at the same time of day.
**I open the evening slots of the organizer first and fill with once a day in the evening meds.  I check each bottle for refill needs before tossing it back into the holding basket to designate that I'm done with it.
***Then I open the morning slots (it takes two for each day to hold some of those horse pills) and fill both sides with the twice a day (morning  and evening) meds.  Again check each bottle's supply remaining and toss in the basket.
****I close the evening slots, doing some random counts of how many pills made it into each container (quality control).  This helps keep morning pills from bouncing into the wrong area.
*****Finish filling morning slots with one a day in the morning meds, checking supply levels, and placing in basket.
******Close morning slots while making random counts again for expected number of tablets.
*******Like you Meg, I double check each time I take my meds to make sure that what I expect is actually what I've got in my hand.

Whatever I do is timeconsuming because I have added quite a few helpful supplements to my prescribed meds.  But everything I take has improved my quality of life and this is better than fighting with all those bottles twice a day.  It's also less of a production for the hubby to witness when I take my meds.  I try to do the organizer filling when he isn't around with that OMG look on his face.  

Sorry this got so long Meg.  It's not as bad as it seems.  You really only have to find the plan that works for you and do the same thing every time.
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Hi there.. I keep my meds in a plastic container that holds on the bottles, with this container I have a book... like a daily black year book.  I write down what I'm taking each day... I mark off if I took the pill so I don't do it twice.

I will sometimes take a pill and can't remember if I took it...so my husband said to mark it down and look.  It's a pain having the book and marking every few hours when I take a pill.

but it works for me so far...

good luck and let me know what you come up with
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I am laughing, i think because of what we have to go thru with our meds.  And Mary, i do mine about the same as you do. But I only do one week at a time.

I do have everything on my computer, which pills I take in the morning, late morning and evening.  

Then I have a list of my meds and when they need to be refilled each month and mark it when they are refilled.

I am always re-doing it as I run into a problem, i change my lists to reflect new changes.

Even with all my careful planning, I can still forgot my pills sometimes...ITS SO FRUSTRATING !!

I forgot why I wrote this post in the first place.....

hugs, meg
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