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ALS/MS symptoms

Hello, I have been having strange symptoms since last week.  At first it started out with tingling and pin and needles in my hands.  It has now stayed in my right hand, arm and leg.  My right leg feels heavy along with pin and needles, which anything else I am having a tough time describing.  This driving me nuts and scaring me.  I went to the ER this am as nothing is open due to the virus.  All blood tests and EKG normal, but I would have liked to have a MRI to clear of MS.  I have a video appt on Wednesday but I am afraid.  Thanks for your helps and thoughts on this.  
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Positive thoughts for you, jgill5. Just to make you feel a little better, I have been having horrifying neurological symptoms that started early March, at the perfect timing with this lockdown. So needless to say I haven't been able to get many answers or help for these last 2.5 months and luckily things are finally starting to open up for us (I am in NYC). So hang in there, push for an MRI from your doc and start ruling things out along with getting yourself some answers & a peace of mind that comes with that.

Years ago I used to have some of the pins and needles sensations you are describing also focused on one side of the body and at the time my MRI's came back clear.  I got a clean bill of health from my neurologist (they determined it was idiopathic) at the time and eventually the tingling went away. I hope you have a similar resolution to your symptoms soon. Best of luck to you! And keep us updated.
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What happened to you recently?
MRI of cervical spine was normal, yet I am still having tingling and occasional numbness of hands.  I really wanted to see the MD in person for the assessment as I find the video call can't possibly do a thorough job.  
I’ve been having terrible headaches, feeling like there’s stuff moving around in the brain along with strange neurological sensations - muscle twitches and jerks, tingling all over, inability to sleep on some nights due to these symptoms exacerbating at night time, very bad pressure in my head and spinal column, very vivid dreams, the list goes on. Started up very suddenly in the middle of the night in March and hasn’t subsided since. I recently redid my brain MRI and cervical, both normal. My neurologist is attributing a ton of my symptoms to anxiety and even had me start therapy. The therapist clearly doesn’t think  anxiety is the reason for my symptoms. I am finally seeing another neurologist this coming Tuesday, let’s see what happens. How are you feeling?

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