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Arm and Leg Weakness MS like symptoms - Advice Appreciated

Started experiencing symptoms 2 years ago (September 2007) can almost remember to the day. My first symptom was a feeling of weakness running from the right kneecap through the calf and into the foot (basically the leg from the knee downward). It feels as if my leg no longer wants to support my weight properly and I have lost balance on it, some days are worse than others but it is always there and is a very uncomfortable problem and one which cannot be forgotten about. Walking is uncomfortable now because of it and sport even worse. I also expereince parathesia at times in the leg mainly in the foot with feelings of tingling under the skin.

In February of ths year I began experiencing a feeling of weakness in the right arm from the elbow down mainly eminating in the wrist and hand. Again very uncomfortable and constantly there since emerging it feels as though I have to try twice as hard to do everything now with the right hand (which is my dominant hand). I also feel shaky at times almost like a tremor from the inside and the right hand tremors at certain postural positions such as when my wrist is raised up for using a computer mouse.

I went to my GP and he referred me to a Rheumatologist.

In May I was referred to a Rheumatologist I explained my symptoms and fears of possible MS he undertook a detailed neurological exam which was normal apart from minor reduced right knee jerk and inverted supinators of the hands he then ordered further testing including:

Nerve Conduction Tests - Reported as Normal

EMG - Reported as Normal

MRI of the spine - Normal other than "L5/S1 intervertebral disc is degenerate showing loss of hydration, there is also a posteocentral annular bulge here with a tiny posterocentral annular tear. This causes very minor narrowing of the AP diameter of the spinal canal but is not felt to be significant and none of the transiting nerver roots are compressed.

The rheumatologsit concluded nothing was wrong and sent me away. Unhappy I returned to my GP and was sent for an MRI of the brain and full blood work.

Blood work was normal other than slightly raised liver values.

MRI of Brain - Normal other than craniosynotosis of the skull with asymmetry of the left and right skull vault otherwise normal no evidence of mass lesion or demyelination, normal craniocervical junction.

Undeterred I pushed for a referral to a neurologist and went privately, upon examination and reading throguh my results the neurologist concluded nothing was wrong after completing his own neurological examination. He ordered more bloodtests including full blood count, sedimentation rate, vitamin b12, copper, ceruoplasmin and thyroid all came back normal.

He also took a look at the MRI of the brain himself and could see no abnormalities.

Still not happy I went for a second opinion to another neurologist, all this brought was that the first neurologist I saw was a "class neurologist" and I have had all the necessary tests. he did state I may have had an initial MS attack too small to detect through tests and would have to see what happens and that was no point in worrying - which I found very disappointing. He did his own brief neurological exam and concluded nothing was abnormal.

The symptoms are not going away and are there everyday and are affecting quality of life quite badly especially being an active person. I have spent countless hours researching on the internet I don't know whether to consider Multiple Sclerosis, Lyme Disease, Parkinsons Disease or something else.

Being in the UK Lyme disease is not well followed or recognised and there isn't anywhere to specifically go to have this looked at.

If anyone has any opinions or suggestions as to what they would do next or any ideas of what could be causing this I would be exteremely grateful for any input.

Many thanks.
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Forgot to add that I am male, 26 years of age, very active with gym and sport, hardly drink, do not smoke and not family history of neurological problems.
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Any advice or comments on this at all anyone?
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Just bumping this up for advice....
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I am in same boat as you. 2 neuros now, a rheumy and an endocrinologist. Mine started same as yours (lower right leg). In fact the muscle there for me on the back of the calf has gone flat. One thing you havent mentioned is fasciculations - i get these all the time everywhere.

In the morning I just feel like ****. I'm twitchy, weak all over, have minor headaches that migrate. I just dont know whats going on, and like you im in the uk and at the end of my tether.
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Really sorry to hear that mate I feel your pain and concern.. literally! How old are you if you dont mind me asking? What so called excuses have you been given by the neuros etc so far Ive had all sorts from in your head to nothing! The symptoms do genuinely make me want to jump off a bridge somedays!
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I am a new member in here and felt sorry for you blokes. My caretaker lived in England before and I have an ancestor who came from Scotland so I wonder if that qualifies us as family. LOL Ok so here goes the UK has the highest MS rate in the world. If they did not do that MRI with dye then the MS would not show up happened to me I have MS. Now if all else fails and don't say ouch a spinal tap will give up any and all autoimmune diseases. And if you are so sick that you feel like jumping off a darn bridge by God I would insist upon more tests from that doctor. By the way gentlemen being that your guys with one x and probably came from past generations of farmers who dealt with pesticides it could not hurt to also have a pituitary specialist take a peak at you and let him run a few test for I have found in my family that male hormone control all kinds of things and can even make you go into heart failure and cause numbness and tingling. Releasing hormones are a problem. Best of luck gents look up stuff like hypopituitarism and that and you will see it is an interesting read.
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