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Arnold Chiari

I am trying to gather information on Arnold Chiari. I am 35 years and had an MRI and the doctor had said that I had Arnold Chiari. I am assuming type 1. Then, a few days later, he said that based on my age group, the criteria is slightly different and the syndrome no longer applies.  I am having the MRI because of a constant headache I have had since Feb 2007. It feels like pressure in my whole head - the pain does not originate from the back of my head area.

I could not find any info on the web on Arnold Chiari and specific age groups. Does anyone have any info on this? Or any advice for tracking down the cause of my headache.

thank you,
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hi- Just to clarify, I believe the MRI showed Chiari Type 1 -- not Arnold Chiari (I have never heard of this until last week so am not familiar with correct terms). -Joe
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hey joe...i was diagnosed with Arnold Chiari type II, from what i was told there is a difference...i had surgery 9 weeks ago and what a relief...i had continuous headaches from the time i can remember and they increased as the years went by...Arnold Chiari Malfunction type II is a congential birth defect...in others words you are born with it...i am still doing my homework on Arnold Chiari Malfunction but i tell you what after the surgery i feel so much better...the rehabilitation is lenghty but worth it....i am a math school teacher ahave been out since the start of school...at times i get frustrated on the progress not going fast enough but then i re-think and am grateful for what has taken place...look into your diagnoses more and see what the doc says...best of luck
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the is alot of info on chiari......first we have a chiari forum....health pages right side of screen on the chiari forum......ASAP dot  org.....is another place...and the chiari institute in NY ia another.Do u know what ur herniation is.....1mm...2mm....ect? Also did they check u for chiari related conditions....syrinx or tethered cord?......

Please stop by chiari forum.

Good luck
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`I came across this videos on this website "Arnold Chiari Institute" and I think it will help a lot of Chiarians understand exactly what is going on with us. Hope it helps....

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