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Can blood rushing to head regularly lead to aneurysm?

So I regularly wash my hands in the bath while bending over because the sink's taps are too close to the sink itself and leaves barely any room for your hands to fit. While bending over the blood rushes to my head and causes my face to turn bright red, I do this for about 2-3 minutes at a time and I have been doing this for 3 or 4 months, up to 10 times a day.
Does this pose any health risks, for example can all that blood rushing to my head this lead to weakened capillaries and eventually lead to a brain aneurysm? Also when I try to sneeze, blow my nose or cough there is this mild pressure in head and blackness around the edge of my eyes.
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I've never heard that bending over can cause an aneurysm.  What about people who practice yoga and do headstands?  I think I would find an easier way to wash my hands, though, simply because of the discomfort.  Back in the days before indoor plumbing, people used to use pitchers and basins to wash their hands.
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Hello again,

I think it's a good idea that you are going to start washing your hands in
the kitchen sink. As I mentioned in my previous post, bending over to wash
your hands in the bathtub is not a good position for your neck or back.
It puts a lot of strain on your neck and back. As you stated, it makes your
face turn red.  I don't think it has caused any health effects, but I'm glad
you are going to discontinue this practice of washing your hands in the
bathtub. Due to the fact you're going to now wash your hands in your
kitchen sink where you prepare food, just make sure to disinfect your
sink from time to time.
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Like I said they are too close to the sink itself and you can't find your whole hand under plus you can't even control temperature on them, they are terrible designed. I am going to begin washing hands in kitchen sink from now on.

So do you think doing this has caused any health effects?
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Hi there,

Is there any other place to wash your hands besides in the bathtub ?
This is also not good for your back or neck to be bending over to
wash your hands. Why again can't you use the bathroom sink to wash
your hands ?  
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