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Hi, I am a 30 year old man and I've been experiencing severe pain on the left side of my head. I've been like this 24 hrs a day for 4 months. I've seen a neurologist, ENT, and Allergist. I've had a CT scan of both my sinuses and my head along with an MRI of my head. The only thing that came up was a polyp due to a sinus infection which as of now is cleared up. However, I'm still in serious pain. I honestly don't know how I'm getting through my days. I started getting pain on my face & upper nose lately as well as a discomfort on my neck which is also on the left side of my body. I have never had any head related pain in my past and I didn't have any type of injury in my past.  Do you have any thought on what this could be? At this point - whatever it is - it's chronic.
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How did it start? Suddenly or slowly? Did you do anything special? Are your eyes ok? Pupils equally big, no hanging eye lid, red eyes, tears? Do you vomit? Neck issues? Drugs or medical conditions?
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Sounds like trigeminal neuralgia type 2 (which is the constant aching, burning, stabbing pain of somewhat lower intensity than type 1). The underlying cause of any type of neuralgia is damage to a nerve. Causes include shingles, syphilis, MS, Lyme Disease, vitamin B12 deficiency, pressure or injury to nerves due to a slipped discs or tumour to name a few.
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The pain started out of no where. I was reading one day and the pain just hit me and never went away. My eyes are okay now. The pain is centralized in my left temple and left cheek area. I just went to the dentist to rule out tmj. I never heard of trigeminal neuralgia but I will research it. Thanks
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