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Dizziness, light headed for 4 weeks. What should I do?

Hi friends,
I'm a 24 yr old male. No family history of brain problems.
I've been having this dizziness and light headed for more than 3 weeks. In the first 2 weeks it was pretty mild and I did blood works such CBC Vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium and tests. They all came back normal.

However, starting May2nd I've been having worse dizziness and light headed. The vertigo lasts all day like I feel dizzy during the day but sometime it's better some time it's worse. Also feeling out of balance and floating feeling, kinda like carsick.

I am not vomiting, no vision problem, no numb limbs. Just the dizziness and light headed and tightness in my head. Now I'm super worried if I have a serious issue, my doctor tried to refer me to a specialist but not sure when can I make the appointment. I did epley maneuver, didn't help much.

Is there anything I can do and how worried should I be now? I only feel better when I lie down. I am really in anxiety now,  tumors or cancers scared me off.
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Oh gosh.  I've had this same thing.  I would describe it for myself as horrible.  And it provokes a lot of anxiety because if I think I'm about to have a period of it, I know what I'm in for.  Do you have any ear fullness?  For me, I did have the cause uncovered and it was middle ear dysfunction.  My Eustachian tube closes in on itself.  I did reverse ear pops that greatly helped it as directed by an ENT.  I will take antihistamines for it (allergy pills), ibuprofen helps and occasionally, I'll take psueudophedrine for.  Some people also have issues with a nerve in the back of their skull and their vertigo is caused by that and they do movement exercises with an ENT to fix it.  So, my best recommendation is to see an ENT.  A neurologist might help as well but that wasn't the direction I went.  To date, I've had very few episodes in the past 4 years.  
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Hi Thanks for you suggestions! Appreciate it. I've been feeling better now and still waiting for the Neurologist appointment. My neck does hurt but I'm not sure if it's because of that. I will see if I can get an appointment with ENT. Hopefully things will be better for both of us!
I suffer from it and it is low blood pressure, today is my fifth day of feeling dizzy and lightheaded and my last blood pressure reading was 90 over 70 with a heart rate of 122, with low blood pressure the brain and other organs are struggling for blood and that is the reason why my heart rate is higher. See your doctor as it can be very serious and don’t just ask the public for the answer.
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