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Dizzy spells with stomach pain and nausea

I am getting strange dizzy spell with sudden nausea an stomach pain, also with left side of face numbness or tingly... which feels like a stroke. It lasts from 1 or 2 hours to rest of the day.  I feel lightheaded and weak for hours and next couple of days depending on intensity after these spells.  I was taken to ER several times in the last 6 months. I did had a TIA a year ago but these recent spells were ruled out as TIA or stroke since nothing showed on ER testing. I do have 3mm right internal carotid artery aneurysm.

I started to monitor my BP and onset of symptoms for 3 months.  Before I get dizzy spell, I feel little strange sensation or burn like feeling in stomach, my nostrils feel burning sensation also kind  of dilation. If I ignore these and move around the dizziness gets worse and stomach nausea and pain starts... sometimes it hits suddenly, always happens when I am in vertical position or doing something.  My pressure during these times 127/90 or 125/88 ...  or 120/90 to it can go above 131/88 .  The first 3 or attacks the pressure was as high as 165/100...155/90 when I almost fainted and out of breath.

I went ENT couple of times, since my right ear was inflamed during this time, used antibiotic but still feel fullness or pain.  I will be getting balance test.  The diagnosis so far is speculative:  Near Syncope, Vestibular Neuritis(ent ruled out), eyes and ears are out of sync? aneurysm causing it ? Viral infection?  or it may be coming from my had trauma 5 years ago.

These sudden spells and spikes in BP made my life miserable, it has been a year and I don't get any concrete diagnosis or advice.

I take Propronolol.  I was given Triamterenw-HCTZ 37.5-25mg half tab to take (haven't taken yet). Put a stop on Meclizine since it only makes more drowsy, was told this doesn't help with my symptoms.
I take Dicyclomine 10mg when the stomach pain is severe(I do have history of stomach ulcers but never had this kind of pain that comes with nausea and dizziness).

I am scheduled for Stress Echo. Cholesterol is only few points high(215), no issues with CBC, Liver and kidney function.
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