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Face Spasms


I am 27 year old male and having spams on left side of my face. It started with eye twitch not so long ago and then went down to cheeks. I do feel little bit of twitching in my lips since last couple of weeks, but not much. I have taken MRI (with dye) and MRA of my brain a month ago and everything came out normal. My neurologist says this could be either Blephorspasms or Hemi facial spasms, but told me to wait for 3 months before I start taking any medicines as this might go away all by itself. I didn't see any improvement in my condition since my last visit to doctor. And now, from past few days my other eye is twitching which is making me really worried. Can some please tell me as to whats happening with me? Do these spasms resolve without any treatment? if so how?

Additional info: I have twitching in other parts of my body as well. Most of the time in my back . Sometimes in my fingers, arms and in my legs. I have bad sleeping habits, but I am working on that - trying to get as much sleep as possible since last two months. Other than B12 , I am not on any drugs or supplements.
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It has been found that 4 out of 5 people in the US (or 80%) are deficient in magnesium. If you are experiencing 2 or 3 of the following symptoms, you probably are one of them.

- heart palpitations, heart arrythmias
- chest tightness
- urinary spasms
- constipation
- menstrual cramps, premenstrual irritability
- difficulty swallowing, a feeling of a lump in the throat
- insomnia
- light sensitivity, loud noise sensitivity
- high blood pressure
- numbness, tingling, zips, zaps and other vibratory sensations
- being uptight or prone to temper
- muscle twitches, soreness, cramps, spasms, tension, tightness
- back aches, neck pain
- headaches, migraines
- jaw joint problems
- needing to sigh a lot, unable to take a deep breath
- hiccups
- leg spasms, charlie horses, restless leg syndrome
- anxiety, panic attacks
- hyperactivity
- angina
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Thank you for the reply. I do have more than 3 of these symptoms.I will give Magnesium a try. Hope it really helps me!
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