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Hard time breathing, eye sight and hearing faded HELP

I have been having issues for the past year but docotors have not been able to figure out whats wrong. some times when im sleeping i will wake up out of sleep and my chest area will hurt then all of a sudden I have a hard time breathing almost like I cant breathe at all, that has happened about 5 times or so. But today when i woke up I felt that issue, i got up and a few minutes later My hearing and eyesight started to slowly fade away at the same time, it was really scary I have never had this happen before so im concerned. I layed down and about 5 minutes later my eyesight and hearing came back fully. I have blood pressure problems so i thought that could be the issue but my blood pressure and heart rate where in perfect range. If anyone has any ides on what this could be that would be great. thanks
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Sometimes it's hard to get a reply on this forum, it's really busy, and not everyone knows the answers to some of the questions posted here.  It sounds to me like you are having a problem breathing while sleeping, which is sleep apnea.  When you recently woke up and your eyes dimmed and sound softened, that means you were about to pass out from either lack of good oxygenation or a blood pressure drop.

There are many details you might supply this group, to help us figure out what's going on.  For example, being overweight can cause sleep apnea, as can other things; and you said you have blood pressure issues, so details on that would help determine if you need medicine to prevent that; and also you may be on a drug that is causing these symptoms of yours, so enlighten us on those.  Also, it would be good to know what your general physician says about you, because sometimes low blood pressure "events" can happen because of internal bleeding, so if you've had some physical problems of late, could be that figures in somehow.  If the latter is true, that can be dangerous.

But in general, it sounds like your heart or lungs are not working like they're supposed to, for the above reasons, or any number of other possibilities, and details might help us get to the bottom of it.
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i am on blood pressure medicine right now to control my blood pressure. I also take levothyroxine for my thyroid both my thyroid and blood pressure are pretty well controlled.
when this issue happened my mom checked my blood pressure and it showed in the normal range it wasnt high or low. my physichian cant find any health issues with me he seems to think that it might be anxiety
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Sometimes hypothyroid can cause high blood pressure.  If your thyroid gets straight with medication, then the blood pressure should return to normal.  Now, if you put on top of that high blood pressure medication, designed to lower pressure, then COULD BE when you got up and almost passed out that morning, your pressure had dropped.  See, you're still getting high BP meds when your BP is actually normal now, so it fell.  The reason your BP reading came out normal later that morning is because you had been up for a little while, long enough for your BP to return to normal.  BP readings can be all over the place depending on time of day and all that jazz.

In my humble opinion, whomever is giving you your BP medicine, you need to visit that doc.  If he says he don't know what's going on, then go to ANOTHER doc for a second opinion.  Also, many times doctors will ascribe stuff they can't understand to anxiety.  I have panic disorder.  When I have an attack, I most definitely do not feel like I'm going to pass out... rather my heart starts racing waaaaaay fast.  So, simple test, next time you have this condition happen to you, just check your PULSE, press two fingers just inside the wrist bone.  If it's really really fast, well then, maybe you DO have anxiety.  But I'm willing to bet the farm that next time you get that set of symptoms, and you check your pulse, it'll be SLOW.
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I am not sure if I was clear about something.  I personally think your BP medicine should be changed to a lower amount or eliminated, but you've got to have a doctor do that.  Do not listen to me.  I'm just suggesting it may be you don't need BP meds anymore since your thyroid is straightened out, so visit the doc who gives you that.
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yah i get what you mean but i have only been on blood pressure medicine for about 6 months. and for 7 months before that i was without it and i still was feeling really crappy and my thyroid levels where normal. I dont really have rapid heart rate issues its just more sometimes my blood pressure level gets pretty high its really weird because all of these symptoms started about a year ago.i never had problems before
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Ohhh.  Well, I reckon my ideas about your medicines are off.  But if you get woozy again, do check your pulse.  I check mine constantly, becuz of panic and high cholesterol readings.  Now I don't know what might be wrong with you, other than it sounds like a heart issue just the same, or perhaps pulmonary related to the heart.  I mean, sometimes the eyesight will go if it's neurological, but your other symptoms with it, I do not think so.  How are your sleeping patterns?  And is weight an issue in any way?  I gained a lot of weight from a medicine I was on for a while, and I used to wake up feeling strange, but not with your exact symptoms, and I had sleep apnea... but as soon as I lost the weight, I didn't have that anymore.  Also, they say when people get up in the morning, that's when they will have a heart attack most of the time, from studies and percentages.  I guess the way to go for a diagnosis is to a cardio fellow and/or a pulmonologist, but I'm really out of my depth now on you.  Perhaps start a new post, and see if you get some new replies!  
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well thanks for the advice the thing is, is my doctor did have me go to a cardio and he did all these test and had me wear a heart monitor for a month and all my results for my heart came back perfectly normal.
also my weight range is average and im on a healthy diet to make sure it stays that way.
i have a lot of trouble sleeping at night i wake up about every hour.
its crazy i have a lot of weird symptoms but no one can seem to figure out whats wrong
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Hey Krista,
I sent you a message to your profile page... just click on "My MedHelp" icon at the top of the forum webpage, and you'll see it in there.  There's another one in there from another member, too.  Also, forgive the section of my message that refers to age-related thyroid issues, becuz as I left your section, I noticed your actual age.  But my advice remains the same no matter what your age is.
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