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Pain and agony

My husband has these constant terrible cramps, culvultions in his left foot.  He has had this for the past +- 10 years and it is just getting worse and worse.  It is really becoming so vigerous he is in constant pain and agony. All doctors and specialists he ha seen doesn't know what causes it and just say they have never seen anything like it.  No medication helps and we are really getting despondent because nobody knows what is causing this.  This only happens when he is awake.  When he sleeps it goes away.  Because of this fact we think it could be a neurological problem.  We are just thankfull that he can sleep and get rest at night as this is very tiring during daytime.  These spasms and cramps are absolutely involuntary.  Sometime it looks like his toes are playing piano and the muscle at the bottom of his foot is stone hard.  

How can we find out what the cause is and how can we maybe get in touch with someone who has the same symptons.  It could maybe help so communicate with someone in the same boat and who has maybe found the cause or can tell us what maybe helped them.

Please help us if you can.


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Has he seen a neurologist?  Has he had any EMG's or Nerve conduction studies?  Are his feet numb?  Does he have any other medical issues or take medication?  Does he have any anxiety or other psychological issues?
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check out Benign fasciculation syndrome ..

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Hi there. True cramps are caused by hyperexcitability of the nerves that stimulate the muscles. the causes could be injury causing persistent muscle spasm as a protective mechanism, vigorous use of muscles following activity, rest cramps but your husband doesnot have these at rest, dehydration causes true cramps in hot weather and can be an early sign of heat stroke, loss of sodium, cirrhosis of liver where you have unusual fluid distribution due to ascites. Low blood calcium, magnesium, increase excitability of both nerve endings and muscles that they stimulate, vitamin D deficiency, low potassium levels .
Treatment would include stretching of muscle which can stop the cramp. He can stand up and walk around.  He can try flexing his ankle by pulling toes up toward the head while in the bed with the leg as straight as possible. Avoid the possible triggers like fluid and electrolyte imbalance. Consult your neurologist on any other remedy that he can suggest.

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