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Polio patient with shivering fingers

Hello there, Here is how I look like, feel like (symptoms) and my concerns. Please review these and bless me with your precious opinion. Any help will highly appreciated.

HOW I LOOK LIKE: I am male, 35, and unmarried with upper left and lower right limbs affected with PPP (Post Polio Paralysis) since about 6 month's age. However I can walk without any support, crutch etc. Polio vaccination stated long after my birth. So, I was not vaccinated. Living a long life with it, I am like  comfortable with it now.

3 levels and noticed since childhood.
A. Trivial shivering in fingers always.
B. Increased shivering in fingers, hands, and legs when hungry, tired, or exhausted.
C. Severe trembling in the whole body when angry, nervous, excited, emotional, or aroused.

For past 5 years.
Nocturnal emission about 8-10 times per month.

For past 5 years.
Broken (viz continual, not continuous) urination stream at the end of a urination session spanning 5 to 10 minutes. Specially the first one in the morning.

1. What are the causes of these symptoms?
2. Any relationship with PPP?
3. Effects/implications on my sex life after marriage?
4. Are the symptoms related to each other or to PPP?

Best Regards
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Uh, a little confused.  You were born long after the polio vaccine.  The first vaccine, a shot, began in the 1950s and the second, the oral vaccine, in the early 1960's, both long before your birth.  It may be you live in a country that was non-compliant with getting vaccinated, and I'm very sorry you suffered this horrible disease, but judging by your name your lack of a vaccine might very well have been more of a religious and political problem than the lack of a vaccine.  Some of the stuff you're describing sounds like a prostate problem, which would be unusual at your age, but given you had polio I'm guessing your questions would be better asked of a doctor.  Most of us on this forum live in the US and some in the UK and then a few from other countries as well, but most of live in a world without polio.  Most of the polio that still exists is in places such as the tribal regions of Pakistan due to opposition from religious extremists, so most people in the world who are still alive haven't had to experience polio or the problems of having had it.  I'd ask my doctor, or better yet, research it yourself as polio has been around a long time and a lot has been written about it.  I hope you find your solutions.  Peace.
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Thanks Paxiled. In Pakistan, polio immunization campaign started in 1974, the efforts for eradication officially started in 1994. Anyhow, I got it and fill fight till death.

How can I do a research on this?
If we ignore polio, may frequent wet dream be a cause behind shivering fingers?

Kind Regards.
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