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Syringohydromyelia pain? treatment?

Please read and provide any suggestions. I have a thick skin so fire away. I just about at my wits end and don't see the medical community providing any answers or understanding. What else can I try?

After dealing with worsening pain in my mid-back shoulder blade area since 2004, I went first to a physiologist then a neurosurgeon. Two MRIs showed a syringohydromyelia at T6-T7. I was "ASSURED" by both physicians that syringohydromyelia do not cause pain and there were no surgical options. Neither physician could find any other cause for my pain and as such, discharged me. I tried occupational then physical therapy, both of which only increased my pain level. My current stop is with a pain management group and a very nice anesthesiologist/pain management doctor who, without any better candidate, I have an irritated nerve in the T6-T7 region. Two months ago I had a TESI (thoracic epidural steroid injection) which did not provide pain relief or increased mobility. Following my Dr.'s advice I had a second TESI last Thursday and this time instead of providing pain relief it has increased my normal pain to a barely tolerable 8 on the pain scale.

20/0.8 Embeda Morphine Sulfate
50mg Tramadol as needed (does not do much that I can tell)
2mg Tizanidine as needed (not much for pain relief, puts me to sleep)

Tried in the past:
Hydrocodone 7.5mg/325 up to 3x day (best med so far but Dr. didn't want me taking that much)
Skelaxin 800mg (upset stomach, no noticeable pain relief)  
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Hi U may want to post in the chiari forum as we have members with syringomyelia....and syringohydromyelia too and they may be able to offer u some advice.

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I have the same condition the syringohydromyelia and was told the same that in most cases it doesn't cause pain but Iam always in pain I do have a few other problems with my back but it took me like ten years to get the drs to start helping me and now Iam on roxy tens and 30 mg morphine er   And it ain't  taken the pain away it just makes it were I can deal with my day to day but even with that they still ain't give me enough of those and some of the problems could be fix with surgery  but the meds and surgery thing with the dr they don't  want to do nothing cause of my age  Iam 27 I would think I would heal faster while Iam young
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My husband just had 2 MRI scans and they termed his syringohydromyelia. They thought that this was what was giving my husband the on again off again pain he had been experiencing for over 10 years..it took us going into the ER and for them to suggest an MRI due to the longevity of the issues. His pain radiated from the front left breast area-through the back mainly along the shoulder blade edge. They said all they can do is give him a type of shot that is supposed to reduce inflammation and pain. I'm guessing it would be a cortisone shot....we will be talking to the doctor tomorrow in the AM and I will let you all know.  
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