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Tremors on hands since birth

Hello everyone, I am a male, 20 years old. When I am nervous, my hands shake uncontrollably, but only when I am nervous. My hands have done this since birth. My doctor diagnosed me with Parkinson's disease. Can it really be Parkinson's?
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I'm 47 and have always had shakey hands. It gets worse when I have to write in front of someone or  when nervous or stressed. My kids are the same. It has to do with anxiety. Does this happen when your alone or in public?
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Thankyou for your response, my hands starting shaking when i am on public, sometimes my whole body shakes, if someone sees me they get worse and very difficulty writing , when i am not nervous I don’t shake.
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Hi.  Hm, that does seem odd if you've had it since birth and it happens in reaction to stress and anxiety.  Anxiety shaking is not uncommon.  https://www.healthline.com/health/anxiety-shaking  This article describes something called 'flight or fight'. This is a basic human reaction.  It's something we are born with.  When your body perceives something harmful (fear of something, anxiety, nervousness besides just real danger of things that could hurt us physically), your brain reacts.  Fight or flight.  Your muscles contract, tighten.  This in you may result in these tremors.  Typically teaching someone how to relax in those moments, (slowing down the situation, deep breathing, etc.) is what doctors and psychologists recommends.  Identifying the triggers and dealing with that too.   What else went into a parkinson's diagnosis?  Are they saying that anxiety makes the tremors you'd have any way more pronounced and worse?  Anxiety will make tremors worse.  But I would be shocked if you had parkinsons 'from birth'.  here's more info on anxiety tremors and what you can do about them. https://www.calmclinic.com/anxiety/symptoms/tremors

Here's a guide on parkinsons.  https://www.webmd.com/parkinsons-disease/guide/diagnosing-parkinsons#1

I would also look into essential tremor.  Much more likely than parkinsons.  
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Thankyou for your response, my hands shake so much when i am nervous or someone sees me, sometimes my whole body shakes, i was on my medication which the doctor gave me of anxiety and boosting my immune system, but still i was shaking thn he told me i have Parkinson’s  
When i am not nervous I don’t shake or alone, on public i shake especially my hands uncontrollable.
Wow. This is so similar to me, not so much that I'm older. This really sounds like social anxiety.  The fact of the matter is, I've learned people really don't care if you shake or not. Everybody is so consumed with their own thoughts and problems, they won't even notice. The best way to overcome it is to force yourself to be in around people.  Curious, if your in public with someone with you, like a friend or relative, do you feel the same?
Once like i am with relatives or friends to whom i used to thm I don’t shake much but on public new people sees me or signing or writing anything my hands shake alot or doin anything
And how you feel?
I'd be really suspicious of the Parkinson's diagnosis. My dad had that, and it was a really prolonged process to get that diagnosis. Unless a neurologist has diagnosed you with that, be suspicious of it.

There's no specific test for it, but it involves ruling a lot of other things out, which takes time.


I'm older than you both, and what Dbsand says is true - most people don't notice or care about the things we think are so noticeable about ourselves. It's like when we have a pimple that we think is like neon red and huge, and unless we point it out to others, most people don't even notice it's there.

We're all pretty self-centered by nature (not in a bad way, always), so while we're busy worrying about what people will notice about us, others are busy worrying what we'll notice about them, so they aren't paying attention to the things we're worried about at all. :)
Thankyou for your response, my neurologist diagnosed me with Parkinson’s 6 months back do you think it can be Parkinson’s because since birth i am shaking so much when i am Nnervous. (My hands shake more and uncontrollable)
He told me to take medication of carbidopa-levodopa but i am really scared to have. Because the first doctor told me to take benzhexol 5 and I really got bad sides effects rapid heartbit, full dizziness I couldn’t walk at all , very high difficulty in breathing, balance issues increased my nervous , my full body was shaking uncontrollably.
Michael_11111, I am surprised that you were diagnosed with parkinsons, to be honest.  You have a lot of the classic symptoms of anxiety that anxiety shaking is common for.  But since you've been working with your neurologist, that seems to be the case.  However, that doesn't mean you don't ALSO have anxiety.  Everyone worries about medication to be honest.  I hate taking it. But you have a chronic condition.  I would talk to your doctor about the anxiety surrounding taking your medication.  Having a bad experience from a drug can definitely leave a lasting impression.  And truthfully, we are trying something.  Meaning it may or may not be a fit and we sometimes have to get the proper dosing that is unique to us and it's hard!  I understand that.  Your doctor will as well. This article may help you.  It states that there is No harm in postponing taking this medicine  if the tremor is not impacting functioning. Something else to note is there are many versions of this medicine giving your doctor options to find the best fit for you.  It also means you may have to make some switches after getting started.  Here's that article:  https://www.apdaparkinson.org/article/common-questions-about-carbidopa-levodopa/

Remember that we can have more than one thing going on.  The shaking you do in public that is more than what you normally do is likely a bit of anxiety mixed in. So, working on that too may help you.  Hang in there.  
Thankyou for your response
When i am nervous or on public, my hands shake uncontrollably, my tongue and lips shake, my voice be soft and like little shaking Voice.
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