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UPDATE on my MRI but still have questions....


I finally had the mri done and my neurologist said he found a few things... but had absolutley nothing to worry about because nothing he found seemed threatening... he told me he found a minor pinched nerve in the neck, a slightly herniated disk... and the thing that has me most bothered... is a cyst found on my brain.

He promises that the cyst is benign and that ive probably had it my whole life and told me its nothing to worry about... but obviously im going to worry about it. i guess i just dont know what to do... should i just go on like everything's ok or should i get another opinion?

I do have medical insurance but it doesnt cover everything... so i dont know if i can afford anymore MRI's or EEG's or EMG's or what-ever they are called... unless i absoulutley need to..


***for the past few months i have been experiencing bi-lateral numbness and tingling of the arms and hands.i have had 2 seperate blood tests and the only thing they found on both tests was slightly low vitamin b12 scores. My doctor was pretty sure i had carpal tunnel syndrome but with the scare of neuropathy my dr. refered me to a neurologist. The neurologist performed all kinds of tests and the only one that "raised a flag" was when he scraped the bottom of my foot he replied "hmm that's wierd" he then did the same test to the other foot and said that my toes had moved in the opposite direction they should have,it shouldnt be anything too much to worry about but he wants to set up an MRI in one month. After an EEG he did confirm the Carpal tunnel syndrome.

Now after some research on the internet and especially this site, i have found that the "Scraping Test" to be the Babinski's reflex  test. Should i worry or take the Dr.'s advice and just sit back and figure its nothing? and Could the low b12, carpal tunnel and a positive Babinski's reflex test all be related, and/or could it be diagnosed as something else??******

Any answers or advice will be helpful!

Thank you
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Excellent! How did your appointment go? Were you able to find out the location of your cyst, and any more details about it? I hope it went well!
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i have an appt. with my dr. today at 10am... im sure he's going to go over everything in detail... if not I'LL MAKE HIM! haha

i will give an update later!
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Do you have a copy of the radiologist's report that went along with the MRI? Usually, when they give you a disk they give you this report along with it. If not, see if you can get a copy of that. It should detail where the cyst was observed.
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to tell you the truth, all i have is a disk with the mri images on it, but i have no idea what im looking for. and i dont know the location of the cyst, he didnt really get into detail he seemed like he was just reading the report to me and anytime i had questions he just kept saying "its nothing to worry about i promise"
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Thanks for writing in.
Cysts in the brain are mostly benign. It will be helpful to know the location of the cyst to give more information. Do you know the location of cyst inside your brain?
Cysts are usually treated by surgery. However surgery is only done if the cyst is causing symptoms otherwise watchful waiting is the treatment of choice.

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You shouldn't get yourself too worried about this (it won't make you feel any better and it will be worse for your body), but you should definitely get a second opinion. You are right about the "foot test" your neurologist did on you as being the Babinski's Reflex, or Babinski’s Sign. This is done to indicate corticospinal damage including multiple sclerosis, a brain tumor, rriedreich's ataxia, hepatic encephalopathy, meningitis, or other neurological conditions.

Just because "brain tumor" is in that list doesn't mean it's something to be frightened of; technically, cysts are tumors (abnormal growths), but they are benign, as yours likely is. What your Babinski's Reflex test was showing is that your cyst might be affecting certain parts of your brain by pushing up against them and interfering with normal signals and blood flow. I have a pineal cyst, and I also have low-normal B12 levels, oddly enough, so you aren't alone with that. I have no idea if this is related to my cyst, but I've been taking a B-complex vitamin once a day to ensure that I'm getting enough B12. Carpal tunnel and the pinched nerve could be related, along with the negative Babinski's Reflex in one foot. Definitely seek a second opinion, but don't worry yourself over the whole situation, as it will put unnecessary stress on your body, and it doesn't need that right now.

Take care and I hope you feel better soon!
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