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VERY sick when I sleep in daytime or w/ light on. HELP

Since the summer, when I fall asleep in the light (ie: a nap in the daytime) or with the light on, several things happen, and it's progressively getting worse:

I wake up every 10-20 minutes because I have been holding my breath, or letting a huge amount of air out my mouth like I've been holding my breath a long time. Some times I wake up sucking a bunch of air in. When I do half-wake up during this sleep, my heart is pounding/or fast. Even 5 minutes of falling asleep in the light I notice my heart is pounding.

When I wake up and am done sleeping, even if a very short amount of time has passed, (ie:half an hour or an hour), I am EXTREMELY sick.

I wake up feeling:
heart pounding
can barely move, my limbs feel like they weigh 1000 pounds
like my body has no gas, literally like what it would feel like to run a car on no gas...that's what my body feels like.
like my body is going to give out and feel like i'll either lose consciousness or die
i feel so sick saying even 1 word is very VERY hard
sometimes so weak i cannot stand
eating makes it a little better, but it is an act of God to get the spoon to my mouth for even one bite. it's so hard to move at all.
sheer and complete exhaustion
it's an almost indescribable horrible HORRIBLE feeling. I have never felt anything worse in my entire life.
one time when this happened, i could not get out of bed, could barely lift my head at all.
it takes about an hour to go away, and i usually feel kind of funny the rest of the day, wiped out and not right.

this all happens ONLY and ALWAYS when I fall asleep in daylight or with the light on. i am so sensitive to it that having the hall light on outside my room can do it. the holding my breath issues happen when I sleep in the dark, but the waking up feeling SO SICK only happens in the light.

It's clear this is not panic or anxiety issues (which I do NOT have), particularly because it happens only when I sleep in the light. What would cause this?

Around the time this began, I also started having trouble where I forget what I'm saying mid-sentence, and cannot even remember the topic. I don't blank out for a minute at a time or anything, I just suddenly can't remember in the middle of my sentences. Is this seizures? And could I be having them in my sleep as well?(the cause of feeling so sick when I wake up?)

Please help!
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Light sensitivity during the daytime is the hallmark of a developing slow bleed in the brain, and an MRI and an MRA is indicated. This symptom, juxtaposed with your memory and cognitive issues, suggests an immediate evaluation at a hospital with a full neurological work-up. This may not be the problem, but it should be ruled out.  As of yesterday.
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I have the same problem and its not sleep apnea. If I wake up before the sun comes out I'm fine. But if I sleep past the sun coming up I feel sick. If I stand up I vomit and so I stay in bed all day. I'm thinking that sunlight is the cause. I'm going to research this more.  
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Love, it sounds like you have sleep apnea. Waking up gasping for air, feeling tired all the time, and your heart pounding are just a few of the symptoms of sleep apnea. Look up a doctor that deals with sleep disorders and ask about having a sleep study done. If it is proven you suffer from it you will probably have to wear a CPAP machine. It stands for continues positive airway pressure which allows your body to get the air it needs so you can get a good nights sleep.
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