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What can cause all the below? Could this be neurological?

Symptoms on 11/15/2017:
-  Globus sensation (feeling lump in throat)
-  Nasal Congestion
-  Fatigue
-  Seasonal Allergies

Went to the ENT and he scoped me three times from Nov through March and noted a severe deviated septum and chronic sinusitis.  When I first went in to see him in Dec. he said I had a sinus infection and acid reflux. I was given cipro and omeprazole.  I couldn't tolerate the cipro so he switched to doxycycline for 10 days and omeprazole for 2 months.  When I went back in at the end of January he stated my sinuses were worse than the first time I saw him and he wasn't sure about the acid reflux.  He then gave me another antibiotic for another round and switched me to raniditine.  had allergy testing done in March as it wasn't better and a CT showed my deviated septum and two sinuses that appeared to be infected.  The allergist stated that what he found he didn't associate with what was happening during the season and time period.  Note that I have always had seasonal allergies.

Went to GI doc in May and had a Upper GI and nothing was noted related to acid reflux on that and the biopsy they took was normal.  he told me to take Pantoprazole 40mg twice daily for 2 months and come back and see him. (quit taking it once the twitching started)

Beginning in July I developed widespread muscle twitching, what appeared to seem as weakness to me, dizziness and feeling off balanced.  I went to my GP and they ran some blood work and it all came back normal although I was deficient in vitamin d below 20ng/mL.  She stated that wouldn't cause my muscle twitching so I saw my regular GCP who ran a muscle enzyme test and that was normal as I feared ALS.  He said since that was normal it was reassuring. Well I was not reassured and saw a neurologist.

In August when I saw the neurologist I told her what was going on and going back to the initial start of my issues in November.  She said she wasn't seeing anything leading her to ALS.  She tested my reflexes and everything was normal but my ankles on both legs have hyperreflexia.  She ordered a Brain and Spinal MRI with and without contrast and that came back normal.  She ordered an EMG which everything came back normal from that.

I should also note that I started Paxil for anxiety before I saw my neuro so I am not sure if that has anything to do with it.  I have been very anxious and stressed out with this so I am hoping for any input.
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Gosh, you've had an insane year of trying to figure things out and having one thing lead to the next.  The good news is that you have been taking such good care of yourself and have gotten doctor input and diagnosis (and ruling things out) all along the way.  This should provide reassurance.  But since you have no answers, it's hard to feel safe from medical peril.  The twitching is still happening?  

I do believe stress can cause these things/anxiety as well.  I have had twitching and freaked a little about it. But it is usually when fatigued and tired as well as anxious.  And caffeine doesn't help.  What mg strength of paxil are you on?  How long have you been taking it?
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Yes I am still having the twitching. I am on 20mg of Paxil daily and started it at the end of July I believe. So I did start taking it before my neuro exam. I should mention that I am a 27 year old male with a young family so this has really freaked me out. My neuro said that my ankles being hyperreflexic could just be my baseline. I also average about 6 hours of sleep per night so that doesnt help. I still feel like i am having balance issues and dizziness along with the muscle twitches so i am not sure what to make of it at this point.
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