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What could this pain be??

My sister has had severe leg pain and twitching..no diagnosis for two years. She's diabetic but ruled out neuropathy. She now is experiencing a new clawing pain in the buttocks, that extends down into thigh. (Right) She can BARELY even move. They've ruled out a clot, but are not sure this new severe pain in buttocks and going down leg. Any ideas? They'll be doing an MRI of spine a second time soon.
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Is the pain down her thigh nerve pain?  It might be sciatica caused by inflammation of the periformis muscle located near the buttocks and hip.  Could also be from the hips or the lower back.  If it's the periformis muscle, it won't show on the MRI or an X-ray.  For many people the sciatic nerve goes over that small muscle, and so when the muscle gets inflamed it hits the sciatic nerve and travels down the leg.  I've had it, it's painful.  I got it from intense bike riding.  Can't tell you this is what it is, and with diabetics, there is so much neuropathy possible, but it's something to consider if they don't find anything else.  Does she exercise at all?  I ask because movement can help prevent some things, and it can cause others depending on the type of exercise.
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Thank you Paxil ... I truly appreciate your ideas. It is like a clawing pain down her leg. (and in buttocks). But because it started in her thigh, and THEN went up to buttocks, she's not sure if it is sciatica related. I thought it was the other way around but she just told me it was starting in thigh FIRST.  She is supposed to have genetic testing done very soon, so we HOPE it reveals something.  She is getting an MRI this week of pelvic area. She does move around a little but just walking around house very slowly. Any stretching exacberates it a lot.
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