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i have had a catscan and MRI on my brain and the results showed 2 airpockets one on either side of my brain 5mm by 7mm in diameter. a complete blood work up was done and everything from cholestrol, sugar iron everything is within normal range. my blood pressure is 145/115 when not on perindopil i have occasionally nausea and vomitting and worst of all i have headaches range from .5/10 to 8/10. i have an overweight problem . my doctor said to loose the weight and the bp should come down. i have never had high blood pressure except with 2/3 of my pregnancies otherwise it was always low. can hitting your head twice on the edge of a pool cause these air pockets and are the air pockets causing the headaches?i swim 60 laps everyday and during those laps i turn on my back and swim a couple of laps on my back . sometimes i forget to watch where i'm swimming and bump into the edge of the pool. so its only a 'tap'.i dont usually have headaches but they started about 4 months ago....... are air pockets dangerous. what should be done. can the air pockets get bigger if i keep hitting my head by other means.
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I had a pneumatocele"air pocket" of the right petrous apex for three years neuros told me that it was of no problem.
I am now 5 months out of surgery, of a crainiotomy my air pocket was 4.8mm and was giving me all kind of problems. Noone realy knows why these things happen. Do you know where your pneumatoceles air in the brain or bone. And yes they can cause problems (big problems).
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My 2 yr old child had a MRI done on the brain. When the results came back the doctor told me that he has little air pockets on the brain and that there is nothing in the air pockets and there is nothing to worry about. What gets me is that I don't know how many or where they are located. I just want to know whats going on?
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