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nasal discharge after head injury

I was involved in car accident and was unconcious for 1-2 minutes. 2-3 days later started having sensitivity to light, memory issues, confusion, irritable and mild headaches. The headaches became more severe with pressure accross whole head. Then started having numbness feeling across whole left side of head and face with intense burning sensation into left eye area, brow and left nasal cavity with some clear nasal drippage. Also have blurred vision and coordination problems. Had brain MRI and cat scan which nothing was noted. All doctors noted had head injury including pcp, neurologist, eye doctor, psychologist who did cognitive testing. Eye doctor told me that he did not beleive that it was CFI fluid. I am treating with a neurologist, who commented to me that she is only treating me for the headaches and to see pcp. I feel like noone is listening to me the patient. How serious is this ?
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Hi, I've suffered from on and csf leaks from my skull base for many years that were repaired.

They can be serious or not, depending on the rate of flow. The main risk is that they provide an entry point for meningitis, which can be fatal. So if you have a high fever go to the Emergency room ASAP.

Ive had two repair surgeries as well. I cannot diagnose u but as a fellow sufferer I urge u to advocate for ur self. Also I will share a bit about how my leaks were diagnosed.

One test that I've had a few times:, a dye was injected into the dural space via a lumbar puncture. Then pledgelets ( cottony tampon type things)  were inserted by an ENT high up into my sinuses. I think they put three on eachside? Then, over the course of a few days nuclear CTscans were done to my skull base to try and locate the leak. In my case, the pledgelets had CSF but the scans did not show much. Both times I had skull base surgery done by an ENT surgeon thru the nose.

Small leaks can sometimes seal up on their own if u go onto bed rest, lay flat, use caffiene for a couple of weeks. It is hard to do this without help. If the leak is larger u made need surgery. I had a third leak coming from my ear that self sealed.

My last lumbar puncture showed my pressure to be normal and I am not having the low pressure headaches any more. So in my case, I'm ok now.

I hope that this helps.
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i read your stroy next time u care to drive
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