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numbness of forefinger

What could be the cause or a numb tip of my right forefinger?...is it a sympton of any internal disease?
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hope this helps...elizabeth

Can't Sleep at night?  Do your fingers go numb for days on end?  You are not alone...

With approximately 30 possible causes for numb fingers... it's no wonder so many people are searching for answers and alternative natural treatments.
Why do my Fingers Go Numb?
Finger Numbness is usually a result of damages and/or diseases to the nerves in your fingers, hands, wrists, arms and even in your neck.  Damages to the nerves in your fingers may have been from an accident or trauma to the nerves in your hands. When compared to a RSI (repetitive strain injury), an accident at work that may have crushed or broken your fingers and damaged the nerves is easier to diagnose as the root cause.

Repetitive strain injuries to your fingers that can cause nerve damages are actions like typing, keyboarding, mousing, handling machinery that vibrates (like a power saw, a jackhammer or rototiller), and yes... even text messaging on your "blackberry" phone.  Inflammation of the tendons, tendon sheaths and the ligament of your fingers and thumbs can easily be treated with Far Infrared Rays.  

Diseases and conditions that contribute to your fingers going numb are Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, White Finger Disease, Multiple Scleroisis,  Diabetic Neuropathy, Peripheral Vascular Disease,  Raynaud's Syndrome and Lupus.

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I have had a numb right forefinger for a  few days. I do a lot of computing and am 90% sure that it has been caused by the use of the finger to operate the mouse wheel. I am changing today to use my middle finger to operate the wheel. If there is any change, I will add to this comment.
Later: The numbness disappears later in the day, when the temperature gets a bit warmer (it is now winter) so I guess it is largely temperature related.
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