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Favorite Nintendo Game System

What is your favorite?

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I like the Nintendo Wii the best as it allows you to actually "get up" and "get into the game." :)

My second favorite is the Nintendo DS, for gaming on vacation or elsewhere. ;)
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I think every Nintendo system has push the bar for gaming every one of them is made gaming milestones. I can find reasons why they all are my favorite
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That was hard I like all of them
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Yes, I agree. I too have enjoyed all of the Nintendo Systems that I have played before. :)
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I haven't played games for every one of them, only 64, Gameboy, GBA, GCN and DS. (I have played for a short time on the Wii but not long enough to get used to the controls much less the games.)

I prefer my games on a large screen so it is hard to choose between Gamecube and 64. However, I have played 64 games since I was little so the system is pretty nostalgic. It has to be my favorite.
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we like the nintendo wii and the nintendo 64 the best..
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