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If Video Game Characters were real......

Who would you want to meet and why? What do you think their reaction to you would be?
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I would have to say Mario
Why becasue he is just the best
he might say wow shes strange
I don't know LOL
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I have thought of this question, and I probably do have a wild imagination, as I am told, but I thought the responses received would be very interesting. :)

This is between my Favorite Super Mario Brothers Character and my others from the same series. I really don't know who I would pick to meet, but here are two of my choices:

King Bowser Koopa (Bad Guy)

I would want to meet him as he is my favorite character and I believe he is awesome! However though, since he is a bad guy, he probably wouldn't take me too kindly and demand to know what I am doing there talking to him in the first place.

Super Mario Brothers (Good Guys)

I would want to meet them as I believe they are cool. They might like that I am talking to them and want to become my friend. Who knows, I might be able to help them out in stopping the bad guys. LOL! ;)
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I would have to say Bowser.
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I would meet Link from Legend of Zelda, preferably Majora Mask Link so he could let me try on one of his masks, and Twilight Princess/Ocarina of Time Link so he could teach me sword techniques. I liked the sword controls and his body language for those games.

For Twilight Princess Link, he would probably think I was a creepy stalker who wanted a peek up his tunic, but would be willing to teach me sword anyway because he was very gentle and honest in that game.

Majora's Mask Link would be suspicious of me wanting to hold/look at his masks. If you have played the game these masks are very important to the ending. Not only that but Link's quests in this installment are mostly confidential.
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I would want Pokemon to be real. Then I could become a Pokemon master together with my favorite Pokemon, Ponyta!
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I would also say Link from Legend of Zelda and Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy 7 !  :D
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