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No vegetable diet.

My boyfriend of almost 3 years REFUSES to eat vegetables. The only ones he will eat are corn and potatoes in the form of fries or mashed potatoes. Anything green is the devil. He gags at the thought of even eating lettuce, brocolli, tomatoes, etc. He used to eat veggies when he was really little but then decided he didn't like them, wasn't eating them, and that was that. His parents didn't take action and now he has the worst eating habits of anyone I have ever met in my whole life, while still remaining healthy weightwise somehow.

But I'm mainly worried that he's missing a large chunk of vitamins and minerals that keep you healthy and strong. Just last year he decided to start working out more and was running, playing basketball, and lifting weights on occasion. After a month or so he noticed an extreme amount of pain in his legs, which after seeing a doctor turned out to be 3 seperate stress fractures; 2 in one leg, one in the other. In my opinion, his body and bones are frail and aren't going to fend well in the long run. He takes a calcium supplement daily, but I don't think that's enough.

Are there any supplements out there for people like this so that they can get close to the amount of vitamins and minerals that they should be getting? I'm truly worried that this is going to have terrible consequences later on in his life.
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If he is not eating any vegetables or fruit at all, then suggest a general daily multi-vitamin which has vitamins and minerals he needs in a day.
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How about giving him some V8 Splash?
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