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Can OCD distort/make up memories that feel real?

I have had OCD for years now and it recently took a switch to hit and run OCD and has been on and off for a year now. I keep going back and trying to analyze what happened this one night a year ago. I keep thinking of these thoughts of or details of what could of happened and I all of a sudden will have this thought or image and think wait I remember that! (So i think) and then I start freaking out thinking oh my gosh that's what happened and the process just keeps repeating over and over until I have all this evidence and these memories and feelings that I think really happened and I just go into a total panic attack. Is this OCD or real memories? It's almost Christmas all I want to do is enjoy it with my family. Holidays aren't fun with panic attacks.
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Creating false memories is a hallmark of OCD.  It is all a part of the What-if thinking.  Did you see a therapist for your OCD?  
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Yes I did and learned multiple ways to cope and I have been trying them and they do help but at times when I feel like the memory is real it's hard for me to not get very anxious and start ruminating but I am practicing and trying hard. Thank you for your reply! Means a lot!
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