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Should I worry about this?

Hello! I am suffering of OCD, and 3 weeks ago I had a playful wrestling match with a friend at home in a room where there are some large, immovable wardrobes. We made the rules such as anyone touching one of the wardrobes during the wrestling would mean that we break off and start again, away from them, to avoid hitting and injuring each other on them. So during the fight I accidentally hit his head with my elbow (which bruised both his head and my elbow), and he also hit my ear with his head which made it hurt for several days after. The first time he took me down (which was the only time I fell), and the second time (after about 20mins of wrestling after the first time) I took him down. Now, because of my OCD I worry that I might have hit my head on one of those wardrobes when I fell, and don't remember it for some reason (false memory OCD). I know it's illogical to worry about this but for OCD sufferers it can sometimes be hard to put the mind at ease. My question is this: if I did hit my head when I fell, would it be possible for such a head injury to be serious if 3 weeks after I currently have no visible symptom? Thanks for your answer!
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Yeah OCD produces powerful imagination! I am sure if you hit your head to give such a bad injury that you would know about it at the time......its not something you would shrug off. But I'm not a Doctor/parent.....maybe ask someone in your family who's opinion you trust?
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Well but I'm asking, supposing a head injury did occur and for whatever reason I was not aware of it until now (for 3 weeks), would it be possible for it to have been serious if right now I have no symptoms? (no pain in the head, no headaches, no vision problems, no changes in behavior, etc.)
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I'm not a Doctor so I can't say if that scenario is possible or not, symptoms happening 3 weeks later...

but you didn't feel a really bad knock on the head so you know you didn't get a bad injury...so you have to trust yourself.
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As Lilly said, we are not doctors.  I agree with her that had you hit your head hard enough, it wouldn't take three weeks for you to see symptoms.  

The better question here is what have you learned over the years to help yourself with your OCD when you do have these types of thoughts pop up?  You said you have been diagnosed...or I am assuming you have been diangosed since you said "I am suffering from OCD."  .  Did you see a psychologist and/or psychiatrist?  
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