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Weird suicidal thoughts

Hi guys this is really weird. For the past 2 weeks I have been taking Zoloft for my depression whether it's the Zoloft or not my depression has started to get better I've had a few symptoms like nausea but nothing serious. This morning though a really weird and disturbing thought came into my head. It was like my brain was telling me I should kill myself. It wasn't  actual voices like schizophrenia is but It was kind of like an idea. It scared me and I tried to get rid of it but it kept in coming back. It made suicide  look almost appealing and that horrified me. I'm terrified that I might actually hurt myself or kill myself. I should mention I also have OCD. I'm wondering if this could be a symptom of the Zoloft or I'm going crazy or what please help thanks.
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You should contact your prescribing doctor today and discuss this with them.  
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hi this is just another type of ocd, basically u were already stressed about ur other types of ocd,and having depression also thats why this negative thought came in ur mind, but due to ocd u just started to analyse it and doubt urself  thats why it become like this, this is called suicidal ocd

learn cbt from pychologist or from self help book
like overcoming obssessive thoughts, this is the only  solution,
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Please give your doctor a call.
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