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Did I injure my knee? Looking for advice.

I few days ago I forgot how to use my legs, and it has left me with some major pain and swelling in my left knee. I went to slide into a base and my knee went completely the wrong way.
I didn’t have any of the stereotypical initial knee injury symptoms such as a “pop” or even really major pain until about 20 minutes after the injury. It’s been over 4 days, and while it’s improved, I still can’t do much of anything at all. I can bear weight, but any twists of the knee is an absolute no no. And getting in and out of a car in a nightmare. The pain is on the lower inside of the knee and sort of down to my shin. Also bruising just under and to the side of my knee. The swelling is pretty much the entire knee and then some. Ice, ibuprofen, and elevation have helped but not cured it.
Do you think I tore something? Should I go to the doctor? Probably a dumb question, but unfortunately I don’t have health insurance. Because. Well. America.
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I think you should take consultation from an Orthopedist which can tell you the real reason behind your pain after checkup. No one can tell you what is the exact reason behind it without checkup of your knee.
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Thank you for your response. $1,800 later, I found that I tore my MCL and there is nothing that can be done for it. 6 weeks later and I’m still in pain. #America.
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