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This patient support community is for discussions relating to orthopedics, back pain, bone or joint pain, broken bones, hip or knee replacement, neck and shoulder pain, orthopedic surgery, spinal injury, sports injury, and tennis elbow.
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I had a L TKR in 2016 and R TKR in 2017 and have not been the same since. My right looks weird on film and my left does not look aligned...
In 1985, I had a car accident and fractured my L1, L2 and T5 had harrington rods and wires to fuse spine. 1n 1989, rods broke so I had al...
I have been experiencing dizziness for several months. I have been diagnosed with migraine dizziness but I recently had an x-ray and MR...
I have foot drop from a fall on black ice and have had surgery, although it didn't help much. I've now noticed that when I stand for a lo...
I closed a window on my finger really hard. It hurts a lot and it looks like it has a bump. It was my pointer finger close to the articul...
Over a year ago I started having slight left side shoulder pain when I raised my arm out to the side. The pain progressed and was hurtin...
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