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Right Knee MRI on 17 year old boy : Impression states : Intrasubstance signal degeneration posterior horn medial meniscus, Sagittal PD fa...
My left hip was replaced 6 months ago and my recovery was going great until 2 weeks ago. While walking I got a pain on the outside of my...
My daughter was diagnosed with a grade 1 fracture of the growth plate in her left foot after a soccer game injury. There has been nothing...
My husband was injured at work in April 2010. The MRI showed a partial rotator cuff tear and bicep detachment. He was put in physical t...
I broke my collar bone on April 4 and had the surgery to repair it on April 20. The Doc gave me a nice plate with nine screws. Now I am...
Few days ago I woke up with a sharp lower spine/hip pain. It is worse at night and when I wake up in the morning or when I turn/lift my t...
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