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I know this is a question for an ontorologist (ENT) however I do not see any forum on this site. My 17 yr old son has a dislocated hyoid...
I am a 58 year old female and a recent MRI indicated Bone marrow signal is diffusely heterogenous specifically in my spine and pelvis. ...
I have had back pain for several months in the T12-L4 area. I had X-rays taken and the report was normal. I had a chest x-ray for somethi...
My wife was a very active person, hiking and lifting weights, until autoimmune problems started back in 2014 at age 40. Now at 48 y/o he...
Hi there, I hope someone out there can help me. My boyfriend was in a car accident about 18 years ago. He broke his femur in 6 places and...
I had a spine fusionL4-L5 with hardware,they sent me home on Oxycotin and percocet.2 days after i got home my feet, ankles and toes swell...
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