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Peroneal tendon repair and subluxation

I had peroneal tendon repair and subluxation in May of this year followed all of the doctors orders. With in the last month I was still having quite a bit of pain in the area behind the ankle bone and the tendon was extremely tight. The other night I was doing something and felt a pop in the area, now there is little pain and no tightness in the area where the subluxation was done, I have also been having the feeling of popping or moving of that tendon as I did before surgery. Is it possible I tore the repair? How easy is if for that to happen?
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Hi there!

I am not sure about the type of injury and the repair that as done but yes, it is a possibility; though it not very easy. Other possibilities include ligamental injuries, dislocation or a tear at some other region. It would be best to get this evaluated by your orthopedician for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management.
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Thank you! I had another MRI they thought they saw another tear further up the tendon so I had surgery the first of October when they got in there there was no tear only some fraying and lots of scar tissue. I went two weeks no weight and six weeks in a boot. I have now been doing therapy for about 4 weeks and I am still having a lot of pain in the front of my ankle towards the outside of my foot and along the bottom of my foot right below the 5th meditarsal. Should I be concerned or is this just part of the healing?
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