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fractured distal fibula, 4 weeks in

I rolled my ankle while jogging 4 weeks ago.  Diagnosed with fractured distal fibula. Wearing a "boot" since 3 days after the accident.  Most of my swelling is gone.  Doc said okay to put weight on effected leg.  I quit using crutch last week.  Bought an ankle wrap last night and walked for 30 minutes this morning without the boot.  Stiffness but no real pain.  I would like to get back to exercise as soon as possible.  do you think walking for half an hour without the boot but fully supported with the wrap will be okay?
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At this stage it would be good to go for an X-ray to know the extent of healing. If your fracture has healed completely you can go ahead without the boot or else you have to continue with the boot.
Stiffness will decrease slowly over a period of time with physiotherapy.
Do not put undue pressure on your fractured leg.
Take care!
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Obviously, not what I wanted to hear.  However it makes sense.  I will continue with the boot until I go back to doc on 9/1. Thanks
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