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severe scoliosis, pelvic pain?

can extremely bad scoliosis, horribly tight and unbalanced muscles/body cause pelvic pain? its stabbing, like a knife and sharp.
it also happens when i pee sometimes. [important] whenever i hold my pee overnight, i have an extremely horrible stabbing pain when i try to go the next morning in my cervic type area? whenever i pee i have to go little at a time, because if i go all at once it hurts. the pelvoc oain doesn’t only happen when peeing, it happens in random sleeping positions, if my posture is slightly off, sitting in cars, sitting on my heels, idfk what to do. i dont have a std, i dont have a uti, my female organs are healthy as far as im concerned, im not pregnant, sexually active, all ik is that i habe a horribly twisted spine. can this be a possibility if whats causing my pelvic pain?
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