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DIL & son are @ Mayo

They feel they are finally at a place they belong. Love the doctors working as a team, love the surroundings, love the medical team. They say they are 'at peace' thinking they are at the right placel.

Doctors there agree: sooner rather than later. Today they did a liver procedure to block the right part of the liver saying it's a goner, and pumping that blood to the left side to regenerate it. (I'm sure I don't have any of the medical terms right - just my best guess.....).  DIL is having trouble waking up, but plans are, they will come home to Austin tomorrow night.

A walk around Lady Byrd Lake is planned for Saturday (can you possibly do that?), chemo on Monday, then 4 weeks/month later, assuming (Dear God, how I hate that word 'assuming,') that things are okay, major surgery. Surgeons & docs feel confident. Meanwhile, DIL & son will get to see son's 1st day of Kindergarden & daughter's first day of 2nd grade.

Thank you ladies, and keep us in your hopes & prayers. As I read of your stories, I am astounded and amazed at your courage and bravery in facing this disease. Then again, what else is there to do? I suppose we could all just give up,................ but that's not our way. We will fight. And we will win. Sooner, I hope, than later.
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I am so glad that things are looking up. Marie
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I am glad to hear that they are happy and at peace with their medical team. That is so very important. I hope that you will keep us updated on her and how she is doing. Many prayers are being said for her. Hugs, Colleen
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She is having trouble with the pain medication and I'm not sure now whether they will release her today or not. More waiting. Feels like I should be used to that by now.............  K
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I am glad that they have found Drs that they are happy with and know that you are all in my prayers.
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Pain meds are meant to help but cause their own special list of problems. Perhaps they will reduce the dosage or switch her to something else. I hope she gets to come home soon.
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Great news .. moving forward.  You can easily do without some of your liver.  A friend just had this "caking" removed from her liver plus part of the liver along with other stuff .. but she feels good and is back on chemo.

Keeping you and the family in my prayers.

Judy C.
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Please keep us updated as she moves forward....and I do mean forward in a good way.
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Son & DIL came home last night after all. Naturally, their flights were delayed. She was in some pain, but they had pain pills. According to the caringbridge.org site, "Ella underwent a portal vein embolization at the Mayo Clinic this morning, and the two hour and 20 minute procedure went smoothly. We are so happy about its success! However, Ella is having a rough time with the recovery. It appears she might be having a bad reaction to the pain medication. Todd says he expects her to make constant improvements through the night and hopes they will be able to fly home tomorrow or Thursday. He is staying by her side in the hospital to help her through. Please pray God gives them both strength and healing peace they so greatly need.
Love to all"

As I understand it, and my medical lingo is not nearly as exact as you guys lingo is, the doc went in & redirected the blood flow to the liver to the left side. The right side of the liver was apparently too far gone. The hope is that the left side will now begin to grow & regenerate.

Ella's friends have put together a team for the Ovarian Cancer walk this weekend in Austin. So far, her team has 48 members and has raised almost $4,000.  Then chemo on Monday w/no change in drugs, and about a month later, the big surgery @ Mayo. In the meanwhile, she'll get to see her 5-year old son go to his 1st day of kindergarden, and the 7-year old daughter start 2nd grade.

It seems an eternity since May 14, 2009 thought it hasn't been a full three months. I told someone the other day, "everything is happening so fast in slow motion."

Thank you for all your support. You know the OVCA is not mine, but affects our whole family and friends' circle. I don't know what to HOPE for, but I pray for complete healing. K
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I'm so glad she's out of the hospital now. I'm sure the kids will be thrilled to have Mom home even if she's not as bouncy as before. We'll be anxious to hear more about how she's doing. And I think it's great to hope AND pray for complete healing. Why ask for anything less?

hugs    irene
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This is all good news and I hope that the liver will regrow. I am glad she will get to see her kids start school. I know how important that is to a mom and will help her get through everything. You are a wonderful mother-in-law and she is lucky to have you in her life. Please keep us updated!! Hugs, Colleen
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Years ago, my uncle had liver cancer....they removed over 1/2 of his liver and it regenerated...the liver is the only organ that will do this.  He did die of cancer, years later,  but, not his liver, that was clean!

Hoping everything goes well.

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Ella & Todd flew back to Texas Wednesday night, but the trip was difficult for Ella. She was very uncomfortable and said that she won't do that again - travel one day after surgery. The pain meds had made her stick at her stomach, and she is sore.

I stopped by the house yesterday to see her - two friends were already there; as they began to leave, two more showed up, one w/dinner. They are so blessed to have so many loving friends who have remained constant since May 14. They have a calendar posted on the caringbridge.org site where peoplle can sign up to bring dinner, and it's full through part of September. Simply amazing.

The OVCC walk for Ella is tomorrow - her team has raised almost $5,000 for cancer research. She wants to go down to the park tomorrow for the walk, but Todd is discouraging her. We have had so many 103, 104, 105 degree days, and tomorrow promises to be more of the same.

Then, chemo on Monday with hopes of returning to The Mayo (she informed me that that's what everyone calls it - 'The Mayo') in early September - don't know the dates yet. Then there will be a day or two of testing, and assuming all is as well as possible, the Big Surgery. She will be in hospital for at least a week, as we understand it, and I'm confident that will change. She's talking about staying in MN for 2-3 weeks and then having someone drive her back to Austin. Her cousin has a Pathfinder, and when she picked them up at the airport, the cousin had put a blow up mattress in back, big soft comforters, and cold water. Ella said that was the way to travel. We'll see - Todd doesn't think much of that idea.

Meanwhile, back at my son's chiropractic clinic, he'd asked friends/peers to come in & keep the clinic open. That didn't go we well - people asked for a discount because Todd wasn't there, some got up & left,..... next time, he says he'll  just close it when he goes for the surgery. But he won't be able to stay with Ella throughout the duration. Her sister and mother will be there, and of course, I've volunteered. It seems all I do is volunteer - it's like playing "Red Rover" and people pick sides. I just never get picked...

Tybear, I hope you are doing well, and Marie, and crecco. And thank you all for being here.  K
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I can't imagine flying after surgery, bless her! It does sound like things are going in the right direction and she feels good about that!!
The walk sounds great but I do hope she listens about the heat. That is so hot. Not really good for anyone, but especially not her.  I hope the walk gets going very early in the morning.
Keep volunteering.I know it is hard. I am the stepmother and don't get asked often, they visit our house days after holidays, etc. but I try to hang in there! I am sure they realize how nice it is for you to offer so keep doing it and they will pick you I am sure!
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It seems as though she is well supported by friends and family. That is all you can do, offer your support, and be there when you are needed most. Have heard of many setting up calendars, very smart idea.
   Just remember to find ways, to lose the stress..It is very difficult on family members, and they tend to stress more than friends do. You have to take care of yourself too. Thanks for updating all of us, your words are encouraging. Your spirit very strong.

take care, and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers
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