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Hi Ladies,

Several of us had been wondering what was going on with Mel.  I found an article about a fundraising on her behalf that was held last week.  She had come to America for treatments with Avastin that didn't work to her advantage.  She is now on her way to a facility in Mexico.  Below is the link to the article.  For those of us that communicated with Mel, I am sure she will warmly welcome our warm wishes of support.  So Mel, too you, may your new treatment provide you with peace and hope:-)

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Thank you for doing the research and finding some info on her. I wonder why she doesn't visit? Very busy trying to survive I guess. That's a pretty good reason.
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Bless her heart, ain't taking this disease sitting down is she?   Thanks for the info.  Just read the article, what a spirit that young lady has.  Will keep her in my prayers.
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Hi Ladies,
Mel is back from Mexico and is currently in hospital, although I'm not sure why at the moment. We only keep in touch on facebook, but her spirits did seem to lift considerably whilst in Mexico, and she is a true fighter. She never ceases to amaze me the way she pulls herself back up, when the medical profession continuosly give up on her. Heres hoping 2011 is the start of great things for Mel!!!
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So glad someone is in touch with her. Please let her know we haven't forgotten her and we're rooting for her. Break out the teal pom poms.  Rah!
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Hoping for the best for Mel.  She deserves a long life, healthy and free of this disease.
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