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Spoke to Chris's (crecco) mom today

Another update from Chris's mom, I just got off the phone with her. (was unable to speak with Chris as she was exhausted after her trip into the doctor, came home, had a bit to eat, took a bath and went to lay down.) Her mom told me the doctor has given Chris some medicine to help increase her appetite, and stockings to help push the fluid in her legs upwards, so the kidneys can flush it out better. She had an ultrasound done, but does not have results of that yet. Chris is having increased pain, the doc believes it is coming from the tumor growth in the liver area. Our Chris is still fighting with everything she has in her, and talking about still getting to the event here in Chicago..I do not know if she is well enough to attend, but will support her in anyway necessary. She is staying with her mom, who I know is taking the best care possible of her. She is a wonderful woman, and mother, and I feel good knowing Chris is in the most comfortable place possible. Her family is very close to her, and are supporting her all the way. That alone puts my mind at ease.
   I hope you all will continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
butterfly Tc
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Thanks for the update. I wanted to call her myself, but was afraid I would disturb her.

My thoughts and prayers are constantly with you, Chris.  I am praying you'll not only recover enough to make it to Chicago, but to handle new chemo to hopefully ease the pain with the liver metastisis.  I love you, and know your cheering section is always here!

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Praying for relief of your pain and healing.........

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Thank you for sharing the news.

Please resting and healing.  We love you and we thinking of you all the time.


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Here's hoping you have a good night of rest and sweet dreams after such a busy day. Perhaps tomorrow you'll be up to reading some love notes from  the women here who care about you so much. I'm with Gail - getting out my daughter's pom-poms and cheering you on to better days.

Lots of hugs,  Irene
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Dear Chris,
We're all praying that you feel better soon.

I'm so glad you're home with Mom to care for you, I know she's a loving comfort.

Rest and heal and I hope every day is a better day for you.

gentle hugs,
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I wanted you to know that I too am thinking of you and praying.  I do hope you feel better soon.  Get some rest.  Love, Dawnlyn
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Chris, you are in my prayers.  I fervently hope you can gain back your strength and feel up to the trip to Chicago.  

Much love, Trudie
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Thinking of you constantly, you are in my prayers. I so hope that you will get some healing rest and some relief from the pain.  I am glad you are with your mom and she is taking good care of you. Saying prayers for her too.  Love you bunches and hope you will feel better and can make Chicago and get all this love in person.
Thank you Tc for updating us. I too, want to call but don't want to disturb her, so thank you!
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Chris - I think of you often....and hope that they can do something to control the pain.

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Chris, I just want you to know that I think of you often and I am praying for you.  I miss you.  Love, Kasie
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I too will be praying and thinking of you Chris. You were so helpful and encouraging to me when I was going through my chemo. You are such an inspiration. Take care slee56
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I'm sorry to hear your suffering and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
You're such a strong person, and I recall the comfort and advice you had for me last year.

God Bless everyone on here.

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