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Suzanne Somers New Book "Knockout"

Has anyone read Suzanne Somers new book "Knockout?"  I read it and wanted to find out what other ladies with OvCa think of it?  It was very provocative and really scared me.  Any feed back would be very much appreciated because in the two years I have had OvCa I have had no success at all with chemotherapy or hormonal therapy so I feel as though I really would have very little to lose if I were to try alternative cancer treatment.  Do you think the treatments discussed in the book are crazy?    
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Hey girl,,,I'm still here!

Though I haven't read her book I saw her on the Joy Behar (sic?) show this week talking about it.  Well...I'm going back and forth about getting the book.  I've never cared for her but....that shouldn't be the reason to NOT read it.  I've always been open to all kinds of treatment.  Like my doctor told me once...we'll you are getting poison, just studied poison.  He has no problem with alternative treatment.  The one thing she did say was that most people don't come to alternative therapy until they have almost beaten their bodies down from "standard" therapy.  She recommended that we Start with alternative.  Is that what she says in the book?

I'd like to hear more about what you thought.  Perhaps you can PM me about it.

Hope you are well.  We do need to catch up.

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Hi Theresa,
I'm in Houston right now and have officially started "alternative therapy" at Burzynski's Clinic.  The book is worth a read.  Who cares who the messenger is.  I found it very interesting.  Interesting enough to be in Houston right now.  I tried to PM but can't do it with my cell phone.  I can give you more details later if you're interested.
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Just sent you a PM...Let me know if it doesn't get to you!  Keep the faith!

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