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Throwing in the towel ...

Well, I give up.  After 11 months of having every test ordered under the sun, my abdominal CT scan came out clear.  Now I'm being told I'm crazy again by the medical doctors.   After having every symptom of OVCA - and now suffering from extreme weight loss (there goes the muscles) and fatigue that makes me faint in shopping aisles - I guess there's nothing else I can do.  I have read of other ladies having the same problems, and when things are found - it's too late - the cancer has spread.  And on top of everything else, I'm going to lose my job due to this.

I've been on this site for a while, and even I don't have a diagnosis of OVCA - I feel very close to you ladies and I think you're all very courageous and remarkable people.  I thank you for all the input and advice in the past.
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My words of advice to you now are please don't give up!  Frustrating as it may be, you know you are your own best advocate.  There are plenty of stories on here from women who knew something was wrong, but scratched and dug until they finally got an answer.  

Just for kicks (yeah, right!), why don't you post your symptoms to the Undiagnosed forum.  Maybe someone would have some ideas for you to explore.

I know you cannot keep taking time off for work and seeing a doctor who says nothing is wrong, but you might consider looking for a doctor who is willing to investigate in full what is going on.  I'm not sure how it would work in Canada, but it may boil down to having an exploratory surgery to see what's going on inside.  If it hadn't been for one of our forum members insisting on a hysterectomy, her cancer, already at stage IIIC, would not have been discovered.  

I'm sorry this has been such a bad road for you.  I'm holding out that you'll get to this bottom of this soon!

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That is a great idea from Gail.  Have you ever seen a naturopath?  They look at things a little differently and might shed some light for you.
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I'm so sorry for what you are going through.  I can't imagine the frustration but don't give up.  Go to About.com and type: When You Can't Get a Diagnosis  and select the first article by Trisha Torrey, you might find something helpful there.  It must be so discouraging when no one has helped, but I truly believe some doctor out there is going to help you, he/she just haven't been found yet.  Sometimes all we have is hope pushing us forward, I pray you can find some to help you.  Sending love, Angie
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Thanks muchly for the advice, I've been begging for a hysterectomy/exploratory surgery for a long time - can't find anyone to give me a break.  As far as the docs are concerned 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'.  Boy, am I broke.

Will try to keep pushing.
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Thanks Angie - will do :)
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I am going through much the same thing and it has been 2 years since I first came on here searching for answers. Do not give up. It can be so hard sometimes. I alternate between, oh, hell,I don't give a d**n to no, I shouldn't be this miserable,there has to be answers!! I too have been wanting exploratory surgery to check things out. Long story on my part, but hope that you will get some answers soon and don't give up, you know your own body!
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Thanks Ivy, I read your posts and know you're probably just as frustrated as I am - I guess we just have to keep plugging along as best as possible.  Seems like I'm fighting everyone, the doctors, service canada, my job (now gone) and now even fighting with husband that I'm NOT crazy.

You hang in there too!!
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Can you get a 2nd opinion? I don't know how it works in Canada.  I had switched insurance several times due to a divorce, new insurance, and then a new marriage, so I have had several gyns over the last few years and had never really established a good relationship with any of them. My new gyn seems really good so am hoping - my appt. is this Wednesday.  
Remember with your husband that men tend to want to "fix" things. They want to fix it quick too, so even though he may not seem sympathetic, it is because he is frustrated too. He just wants you well. That is my experience with my husband. Sometimes, I think he should be more sympathetic, but frankly, I think he is so frustrated and scared too, that he has a hard time showing it.
Let us know what happens!
oh, and it is lvfrogs (like love frogs) LOL - everyone confuses it!
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