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Ovarian cyst removal, repeat pain

I had a baby 18m ago. After she was born noticed abdominal pain, heaviness, soreness picking her up. Had scans that didn’t find anything.

February (8months pp) ended up in a&e with ovarian cyst, ovarian torsion. Cyst, ovary and tube removed. Pain ceased after op.

3 months later, pain returns. Heaviness, dull aches, painful sex during and after. Very painful period, bloated ness, sore when wearing jeans. Painful after lying down and waking in the morning.

Scan in June that looked normal (although this happened last year then the cyst grew.)

Urine test detected leukocytes, protein and ketones. Waiting on further examination at the lab.

Anyone with experience of this? Could another cyst have grown? What do the urine results show? Thanks
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Did this turn out to be another cyst? I think you had the worst case scenario (minus cancer diagnosis) from your first cyst!  I hope you are doing alright.
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