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postmenopause complex ovarian cyst

i will be seeing a gynoncologist soon for a complex ovarian cyst which grew slightly. i have been monitored for 6 years with transvaginal ultrasounds which are becoming more difficult and uncomfortable before and after i have them. i am reading about postmenopausal women should keep ovaries to prevent heart and lung cancer and live longer in the future. i don't know what decision to make if he says surgery this time. i am 63. anyone have these situations or problems. please help. thank you
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Post-menopausal ovarian cysts are more common than most people, even gynecologists, realize. And thankfully, they are usually benign just as they are in women who're still menstruating. Unfortunately, many women lose  ovaries unnecessarily. If your cyst gets too large or there's truly a concern for ovarian cancer (which is rare in women without a genetic risk) and you need surgery, you should not need to lose the ovary or any other parts. A surgeon with good cystectomy skills should be able to remove just the cyst allowing you to keep your ovary and its life long hormone production. The frozen section done while you are in the operating room should dictate if anything else needs to be removed.

I was over treated for a benign complex ovarian cyst. My gyn removed my ovary and sent it for frozen section. He waited for the results and then proceeded to remove the rest of my sex organs when it came back benign. I have been suffering the many after effects ever since.

How big is your cyst and how long have you had it? Do you have a copy of the ultrasound report that describes it and wish to share that information?
my cyst is 5.2 cm he wants to remove both ovaries and tubes if it continues to grow. the transvaginal ultrasound is so uncomfortable i am sick of it. thanks for your reply i appreciate it. i am a high risk for ova cancer too
I'm sorry you're high risk for ova cancer! I wasn't sure if that was why you said you'd been monitored for 6 years. Best of luck to you!
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