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will it grow?

hi everyone not sure if anybody will beable to help me, but i`m sure there are alot of ladies goin through what i have at the moment. back in jan i had severe pain in my stomach and it was goin from the top to the bottom and i couldn`t stand up properly, i had a fever, sickness and diarrhea. so in the end i had to call the doctor out, he then diagnosed it as gastroenteritis. four days passed and i was still in severe pain, but it had swollen my stomach and i had the pain all over now, i then contacted nhsdirect and they suggested i go to accident and emergency. when i got there and they checked me out they still thought i had gatroenteritis, but kept me in overnight. when the head consultant came round in the morning she thought my stomach was quiet swelled and when they touched my sides i nearly went through the roof the pain was really bad. so she sent me for an ultrasound, but i knew something was wrong as when i got back i was put on fasting. i was then told i would be goin to theatre and a camera would be goin through my belly button to check what was happening inside. when i returned from theatre and i was recovering, they told me i had my appendix out and a tube was placed inside to get the fluid out, as my stomach was full of fluid. they wasn`t quite sure what had happened, but took a swab for tests and once i left i would be back as an outpatient within 6 weeks and if i had any signs of feverness again i should go straight back in.
well my outpatients wasn`t a 6 week wait, it was nearly 6 months waiting. when i saw the consultant i was told i had a ovarian cyst that had burst and twisted inside me, so they took my appendix out in case it irritated it and was told that another may grow back. she then sent me for another utrasound as i told her i was having alot of pain. well blow me down with a feather i now have another cyst on my left ovaries which is 5cm. i don`t know how much these things grow, but if i had gone to an outpatient with 6 weeks after my op like they said it may have been detected sooner. i have received an appointment for october which i was not happy about. my worries are that it may grow bigger and with me having one that burst as well. i know it isn`t gonna get smaller, but i`m in so much pain with this one and these consultants and gyn don`t have to live with the pain day in day out.
as anybody gone through this and if so shed abit of light on the subject.
thanks very much and i would be truly grateful. xx
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Nobody knows what a cyst will do unfortunately or how much it will grow.  Doctors usually use 5 cm as the starting point for recommending surgery and do not think about it when they are smaller, so finding it earlier when it was smaller does not do much but lead to a lot of annoying follow up exams to re-check it.  If you are prone to cysts you may eventually want to remove your ovaries to end the problems once and for all, but it is best to hold out until you are closer to a proper menopause age.  I had my ovaries removed one month prior to my 49th birthday, and I had a 10+cm cyst on one of them at the time.  Not fun.
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hi there mariemichele thanx very much for your reply i will take what you have wrote on board.  i have received a letter today stating i have a 5.1cm complex cyst and now got to wait to hear back from the gynnaecologist.
kind regards.
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